Crafty time wasting

Hello my lovelies! 

It has to be said that I've been a bad blogger over the last couple of weeks with no Pea Pod action at all...sorry!

The reason being that I've been trying to do too much and so something had to be dropped for a short while to allow me to get on with other more pressing stuff. As my art exhibition is looming I've been trying to concentrate on painting. I've also been setting up a Drop The Weasel Etsy shop and trying to make a few bits and bobs to sell there (as well as working full time and doing overtime too! - never enough hours in the day).

Any how, that's my blog skiving explained now for the creative stuff. I've started to make these little embroidered felt discs which I might make into brooches or Christmas tree decorations or anything else I can think of, any ideas?

They're quite bright and jolly and so I think they would be lovely on the festive tree. 

I've also been stitching these blanket brooches, all I need to do is buy some brooch backs and apply them and they'll be in the shop shortly. My favourite one is the bird I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. 

I was going to show you a picture of the painting I'm working on but it's looking a little ropy at the moment so perhaps I'll show you when it's done. 

***There may be a few more periods of quiet from The Pea Pod until all my paintings are done (sorry) but I'm still finding time to lurk at other blogs xxx ***

Oh, and I nearly forgot, I've added a Facebook like button to the Drop The Weasel shop so if you like what you find there then please click on the button, thank you x    


  1. Ooooo just love the felt work, and the brooches are just fab.
    I did something similar with felt and put them on black suares of felt and 'patchworked' them together to make a cushion cover, looks a bit 'Arts & Crafts.

    Keep up the good work, Vicky x

  2. That's a nice idea Vicky, I might have a go at doing that with Autumn coloured ones. x

  3. My goodness, you are industrious! Those look fabulous, so pretty and cheerful Laura x

  4. Oh my, I just love the detailed.
    Nattie x

  5. They all look so fantastic together you'll have to find a way not to split them up!! Love the chicken too.

  6. I love your festive brooches! Honestly, they're amazing - great colours and could definitely see them hanging on a tree. Also think they would make lovely gift tags for a special present. Or you could put loops on them and then pop them into numbered glassine envelopes to make an advent calender, with a tree decoration in each one. Actually, I think they's also look lovely sewn onto a band to make a chidren's crown. You see, I told you I was a bit in love with them!

  7. The colours all look fantastic together, and your stitch work is lovely. How about threading the circles together on ribbon as festive bunting, as an alternative to triangle bunting?

    Can't believe how quickly your exhibition's coming round - nowt like a bit of pressure! x

  8. You are amazingly talented, I can barely sew on a button! Can't wait to see what crafty-ness you get up to as Christmas approaches...

    Thank you for your congratulations on my graduation! I am so relieved to be finally done!

    Cat xxx

  9. Your brooches are lovely I love the bird as well.I don't know how you get time to do any thing,working full time and all.

  10. Hi Lizzie - They are lovely!! Wondered if you fancy doing an event at mine with your lovely stuff 9/10 December along with Mariette & Nigel. email

  11. Also, meant to say your peg dollies have been much admired lately on my jewellery display - perfect for hanging earrings on. Ax

  12. these are so lovely! would look so cute as tree decorations on my tree! will have to go have a nosey at the shop! xxx

  13. just came across a photo of your lovely blanket brooches on pinterest and have taken a look at your blog- I really like your work!!

  14. Bello blog hermoso trabajo, felicitaciones


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