Rainy day crafts - blanket brooches

Today is a very wet and grey day here, perfect weather for crafting and making. Yesterday was pretty much the same so I settled down to hand embroider more blanket brooches for the Drop the Weasel shop.
Each brooch is £18.50, and will be listed in my Etsy shop by the end of today. If you would like to snap one up before then just drop me a line

Each one has a little piece of vintage fabric over the brooch pin too.


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    1. Aww thanks Julie. I love making these, I find it very relaxing. I'm really pleased you like them and thanks for the comment xx

  2. Although I have been very quiet, I have been reading your lovely blog regularly. Your brooches are beautiful, and the tiny stitches are so neat.

  3. Just beautiful ... little works of art. I'm sure they will sell well! M x


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