Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Come in and take a look...

I thought I would show you my work room in this post - so here it is.

I live in a two bedroom house but my second bedroom I've made into my work room where I can be creative and not worry about making a mess, which I tend to be quite good at! If you're anything like me you love looking around other peoples homes, and for me, if I can get a glimpse of an art studio or a work room then all the better.

This is my art desk where I paint small items and work on paper mache projects as well as lots of other things.

This is my computer corner. The window overlooks the street so I can be a curtain twitcher whilst I blog!

Every work room needs plenty of storage, however I never seem to have enough...

This is the area for sewing but I must admit I haven't actually used either of my two manually operated sewing machines yet. I've been working on a few hand sewn goodies instead, but I do aim to get the machines going soon.

Here's my ribbon jar, I seem to get through quite a lot...

and this is my fabric storage cupboard crammed full of any fabric that has caught my eye and made me think - Oh, I can do something with that (and then it sits in this cupboard for a year or two until it's called upon).
The portrait I bought at a local auction for £2 - bargain.

I absolutely love paper bunting and garlands, these I made for my Christmas tree but they're now bringing some cheer to my work room. I just need to make a few more to cover the ceiling completely.

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  1. What a lovely place to be creative - how do you keep it soooo tidy!

    Love your blog.