Sunday, 9 May 2010

Oh, I do like to be beside the sea side...

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I popped down the motorway to lovely Lyme Regis on the South Coast. There's nothing like a walk along the sea front to blow away the cobwebs I think you'll agree.

On the walk into town this good looking guy was there to greet us!

There are so many lovely little shops (including charity shops) to browse around.

We had lunch at The Town Mill Bakery and had the tastiest meal we've had in a long time and served in a lovely relaxed environment too. The way the restaurant works is that on entry each customer collects a wooden board to use as a plate and helps his or her self to whatever takes their fancy from the serving tables. The hardest part is choosing what to have as everything looks fantastic!

Once you have chosen your fare you sit yourself down at the long communal tables and get stuck in - which we did enthusiastically, thinking about it maybe a little too enthusiastically!.

This place is relaxed but has a definite buzz about it and attracts all ages.

Just look at these whopping scones, I wish we 'd bought some to take home with us - oh, what a good excuse for a return visit...

So this is what we devoured, rocket salad, very cheesy cauliflower cheese (yummy), pizza, red kidney bean pie and locally made organic apple juice.

Gone in a flash - you betcha!!

So what does one do after a large lunch? Go for a walk of course...we strolled along the front and admired the architecture.

we thought about having an ice cream but decided against it - pity they don't serve them this size isn't it!

One of my all time favourite seaside sounds is the chiming made when the ropes on the sail boat hit the masts, I could sit and listen to it all day.

I'm drawn to fish monger displays, the colours, the smell and the weird looking creatures all make it a draw for me. Just look at those beady eyed prawns - delicious.

You're going to think that my friend and I don't eat much whilst at home because after the visit to the fish mongers we made up our minds to be really extravagant and go to the Hix Oyster and Fish House for Champagne and oysters (remember this was only about a couple of hours after our lunch - piggies or what?)

I know oysters aren't to everyone's taste but these were so fresh they were a real treat.

As we enjoyed our oysters black clouds started to gather over the sea and down came the rain.

All in all we had a fantastic day.

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