Sunday, 9 May 2010

Spending again...

Just take a look at what I found at a local car boot sale, a printers tray. I've wanted one of these for a while but sometimes they're a little pricey, this one however was a fiver so well worth it and a pretty colour too - bonus!

I've put the tray on the wall in my art studio and filled it with all my little objects that I've found over the years

The great thing is that I still have compartments to fill so I can have fun trying to track down more objects

I also found a vintage game which I'm going to save and sell on my Christmas stall later in the year.

and just look at this lovely old jigsaw this will be on the stall as well

But I think my best buy has to be this toy sewing machine that I picked up at a local charity shop. I've been thinking of placing a bid on similar ones on eBay but they've sold for far too much for me. So you can imagine may delight when I spotted this one, it's so cute and it works.

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