Sunday, 9 May 2010

There are bargains to be had...

:: One of my passions is hunting down vintage items and bargains at local auctions and car boot sales. A regular auction that I try to make it to is one held in Ross-on-Wye, it's held at the cattle market once a month and I can honestly say that when the auction viewing day arrives I have butterflies of excitement in my belly - yes I have it bad! ::
Here are a few shots of the last auction I went to so enjoy....

:: It's a great place to pick up an original painting at a snip... ::

:: Lovely old mirrors... ::

:: Beautiful hand stitched cushions... ::

:: A little something to fill that space on the mantel shelf... ::

:: Old books ready to take away in their own vintage suitcase... ::

:: Vintage storage tins... ::

:: You can even take home someones grandma! ::

:: And furniture too, what more could you want? ::

:: This will probably be a regular feature of my blog as I think I'm an addict that needs to vent her obsession on someone so, your it! ::

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