Friday, 4 June 2010

Peg dolls everywhere!

Last Christmas I hired a craft stall at a local arts center, one of my items for sale was hand painted peg dolls. I made them as a bit of a panic item thinking that I didn't have enough stuff to fill the stall but as it happened my peg dolls were one of the most popular things on it.

Children seem to be drawn to them and once they have them in their little hands they seem very reluctant to let them go!

One of my lovely customers was Sian Longstaff who co owns Country Heart, a web based company selling hand crafted gifts and decorations. As a result I was contacted by them and asked if I would be interested in creating 100 peg fairies/angels for the 2010 Christmas catalogue with more ordered if they sell well. I jumped at the chance as it's a good opportunity to see if I can produce items in bulk and of course, see if anyone likes them.

The first stage of the operation is to create baldy faceless pegs...

Then to give them personalities. I've popped them in a basket for the photo to save their dignity as they are nude at this stage! :)

and then the clothes are added. I won't show you the finished designs just yet as the Christmas catalogue isn't out until September but as soon as I receive a copy I'll show you all the finished article.


  1. I love these, did you paint the faces?

  2. Hi there, I'm really pleased you like them. I buy the pegs as wooden blanks and then hand paint them. The good thing about hand painting them is that each one is slightly different with their own little personality x