Saturday, 10 July 2010

Flippin' heck, that hurt!!

Last night I spent the night in my mum and dad's back garden having a camping adventure with my two nine year old nieces.
The plan was to sleep in the tent and cook a full English breakfast on the camping stove when we got up...well silly old me put the camping gas in the boot of the car but forgot to put the stove in with it!! Not to be put off by this little oversight we decided to cook our meal the conventional way and I set about cooking the sausages in the kitchen.
When they were done I went to remove them from the pan using a fork but one of the little devils fell off the fork and back into the hot oil, creating a mini tidal wave which landed on my thumb, ouch!
Now I'm left with an impressive blister and a stinging digit - and the girls didn't eat the bloomin' things any way...


  1. Oh dear! that does look sore!
    Next time just give them a piece of dried bread and water!

  2. Ding Dongs!
    My husbands thinks you should 'pop' it....

  3. To pop or not to pop?

    I did go out in the garden for a spot of weeding and it popped, but by the time I had got back into the house it had reformed again...

  4. Ouch!! Sandwiches next time I think!!

  5. Lizzie, Issy never mentioned the hot fat tsunarmi! We think you should pop it. Love D x

  6. Oh Lizzie! That looks so painful. I hope you feel better soon. La

  7. ow! poor you - and after all your kind efforts as well! Love your blog - thanks for leaving a comment on mine. Your artwork is just amazing. Such talent!