Thursday, 22 July 2010

It's open studios time again.

At the moment in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley dozens of artists are throwing open their doors to let the public mooch about and purchase their wonderful works.
I love the open studios season, it means that you get a chance to see lovely work spaces, gardens and meet the talented folk behind the creations.
Yesterday, after I'd finished work my mum and I popped to May Hill to visit Anne Bulley's studio where she works with stained glass, textiles and mixed media. Anne and her husband live and work in a beautiful old farm house that they have brought back to life and made into an inspiring studio...

Anne told us that she visits India regularly to stock up on fabrics, beads and braids which she uses in her work or sells to students attending her workshops or to open studios visitors. My mum's a keen crafter and so got quite giddy with excitement when she spotted the bright shiny goodies - she was in heaven!

What a wonderful space to work in.

With great views into the garden...

As well as Anne's own work she also had on display some wonderful pieces by other artists. I was particularly taken by this large canvas of a little girl chopping up a worm with a knife and fork!

Anne's work is so vibrant and lively - just like the lady herself.

Glittering goodies..

I have a thing for other people's sketch books so I was the giddy one when I spotted these little lovelies. My books are never this neat that's for sure.

Anne's studio is full of interesting colours and textures...

With quirky little items dotted about...

and the garden doesn't disappoint either...

Just look at their folly, a spire which accommodates a suspended chair where you can sit and look out over the pond - wonderful.

I had time for a little shadow dancing in the veg patch!

Thank you Anne for opening your studio and being so welcoming and friendly, we absolutely loved our visit and came away inspired to create our own masterpieces.
If any of you out there are anywhere near the Forest of Dean this weekend please take the time to visit our local artists - you won't be disappointed.


  1. A fabulous creative space and lovely pics. I especially like the owl!

  2. What a lovely studio (all that space!!!) - and a gorgeous setting too, that has brightened my morning. :)

  3. my goodness, I feel like I was there with you! what fantastic photos. Feel a bit sorry for the worm!

  4. Corks!! I didn't expect that! It looks wonderful! So glad I live here! Anne.

  5. Anne, you are very welcome and once again thank you xx