Thursday, 1 July 2010

Scandinavian folk finds.

This week a new collectables and bric a brac shop opened in town, so after work today I popped in and had a browse...I'm glad to say I wasn't disappointed.
The shop was filled with lots of interesting ceramic pieces, these are the ones that I fell in love with and ended up buying. I really like Scandinavian designs, although they're quite intricate they're also simple at the same time.
As well as the ceramic pieces I also bought a little folk art carved wooden box which I picked up at a local car boot sale yesterday.

This little dish is a design by Bjorn Wiinblad of Denmark.

These pieces are designs by Figgjo Flint of Norway.

It's my eldest sister's birthday today so as she too loves Scandinavian ceramics this little dish and the one below will soon be hers -


  1. It's a great feeling when you find something you love....
    Nice pieces

  2. What unique items. I like the vibrant colors.

    Lizzie, what is a car boot sale?

  3. Hi La,
    Thanks for your comment :) a car boot sale is where people who are selling items load up there car boots (trunks), drive to a car boot site, lay out there goodies and sell! Some people have quite a lot to sell and some just have a few bits and bobs. On the whole it's people who are having a good old clear out of rubbish. x

  4. Oooh, highly jealous!!! If I'd have been there we might have had to scramble over each other to get to themn first - they are utterly lovely!

  5. Those ceramics are absolutely to die for!!

    Enjoyed reading your blog. I'll be back!

  6. Hi! It was lovely to see you over at mine! These ceramics are stunning! You'll be going back there I imagine! lots of love, Amanda xxx

  7. Great finds! These ceramics are absolutely stunning!