Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Hello! Remember me?

Hello there! It's good to be back with you after a month of very long hours at work covering holidays for my work colleagues and putting in lots and lots of overtime to pay for more work to be carried out on my house.
I thought I would show you a little snippet of my home, seeing as it's the thing that's kept me away from you for so long.
I bought my house 7 years ago and since then I've been working hard to make it look in reality as it looks it in my minds eye. I'll show you more of my DIY projects as time goes on but it seems logical to start with the front of the house, I hope you agree. Please let me know if my DIY stories start to bore you as I can go on a bit as it's all I've been doing for the past 7 years!! - Humour me.
This is the BEFORE photo of my house and this is pretty much what it looked like until recently. From day one I've longed to replace the door and windows with wooden ones that I could paint a bright colour. The photo is taken from the estate agents details so please excuse the big crease across it.

And these are the AFTER photos. I've tried to make the house look like a little cottage and I think it kind of works.

I had the door and windows made and fitted last November and the exterior walls were painted a month or two ago. After having to wait for so long to get the job done (due to the cost) it was so exciting to leave for work in the morning to return in the evening to find my little house looking how it should and to have lovely comments from my fab neighbours, it caused quite a buzz in the street!

I especially love my front door as I can dress it up with garlands that will change according to the occasion, Christmas, Halloween, Spring, Autumn etc. I've always really hankered after a door that I can hang a lovely wreathe on - isn't it funny the little things you dream of even though there are walls to be knocked down, a bathroom and kitchen to rip out and a boiler to replace!

My windows are inspired by a trip to rural France.

I hope I haven't bored you too much! xx :)


  1. Wow the exterior looks stunning and the colours are fab! Look forward to seeing inside.

  2. Loo you wouldn't want to see the inside at the mo, where I've been at work more than at home these days it looks as though I've been burgled :)

  3. What a wonderful transformation. I like the details of the windows.
    Fantastic curb appeal:)

  4. Welcome back!!!!! Wow I love how your cottage looks. Do you mind me asking what is the pink colour? I'd love to paint my chair that pink. I'll never be bored of DIY updates, it is so lovely to see other people projects, inspiring!! Jasper told me that is I painted my cottage pink he'd leave home and go and live with his Dad. Am tempted at times!!

  5. not bored at all! it looks great, my house gets a state when im at work too! i tend to just sleep in it and thats it!

  6. Thanks for the kind words, you really are lovely.

    Poppy Cottage the colour is Dulux Heather Bloom 3, we'll all want to see photos of your chair when you're done x

  7. Welcome back! I've been checking in on you periodically. It's good to see you're back. Your home is lovely. La

  8. wow I love your windows. We had old green wooden windows when we moved in and only two remaining sash, one of which my child smashed. As everyone else down our street had upvc we decided it would be the cheaper, easier and warmer option. I definantly would have replaced sash for sash if anyone else had done the same down the street. I really wish I had gone for wooden double glazed ones now though. They definantly add character and is something I really would like in our next house. Love the colour too, I haven't seen any that colour before. x