Thursday, 9 September 2010

I've been scrumping!

Yesterday I popped out for a sroll to blow away the cobwebs and get some fresh air into my lungs. As I was meandering my way through fields and woodland having conversations with myself (yep, I know it's the first sign of madness but it's a habit I can't seem to break!) I came across a damson tree absolutely covered in lush fruit, mmmm!
The temptation was way too much so out came the compulsory walkers carrier bag and off I went picking in a mad frenzy of scrumping excitement.

There must be a glut of fruit this year due to the sunny weather we had earlier in the year and the rain of recent months.

This is the incriminating photo of me pinching, at this point I was expecting to hear 'get of my land' being bellowed in my direction...thank goodness that wasn't to be. However a strange bloke did stop in his car and started to tell me about how much he hated his ex-wife, how random is that! I thought he might have been a bit of a looney so felt it best to just listen and not contribute to the conversation in any way which seemed to work as he went on his merry way.

And here's my booty. Now I just need to figure out what to do with them...any suggestions?


  1. Ooh fab. I recently made some damson vodka or you could do damson gin, or jam with them x

  2. I made chutney with mine, for basting chicken with (I found a 'free tree' last year. All the honesty tables round here have punnets of damsons on, so it must be the year for them!

  3. Damsons make the most wonderful Jam.......hence some cooking ontop of my cooker as I type. 1lb of jam sugar to 1 lb of fruit.

    Enjoy xx

  4. I like the sound of gin, jam and chutney, cheers guys x

  5. Hello , I'm from the US and don't really know what damsons are. They look like plums to me,I'll be googling that later. The treasures that you picked up the other day were adorable. You also take great pictures. I am new to blogging and just recently created my own blog. Please stop by and join if you like. It's so much fun when you turn on the computer and notice one more follower.