Friday, 17 September 2010

Operation warmth has begun - at last!

At long last I'm having my two wood burning stoves installed - hurrah!! I bought them years ago but due to the cost of the job and the fact that I couldn't find anyone willing to put them in for me they've just been sitting in the fireplaces collecting dust!
After suffering the cold last winter I've been determined to get the job done this year. I really couldn't face another few months of putting more clothes on to go to bed than what I was wearing to go out shopping. It became a night time ritual, 2 pairs of socks, long sleeved t-shirt, short sleeve t-shirt, tights (!), pajama bottoms and occasionally a bobble hat. Some of these garments were discarded as the night went on due to over heating but to allow me to nod off they were essential items.

Last year we had a new family move into the street and the father (Clive) is a builder. He's done one or two jobs at my place so I asked him if he could put the stoves in and I'm glad to say he was up for doing the job. So this week I've been working the late shift and coming home to stovey progress, this is what I came home to last night! One of the chimneys was clear and past the smoke test with flying colours, the other however was a different story all together. Over time rooks have been building nests in my chimney pot and the old ones have been falling in and blocking the hole, Clive thought there might be a 4ft stretch of compressed nests stuck - eek!

Clive was going to try and dislodge the blockage by opening up another fire place situated in my art room and pushing the nests down but apparently that didn't work so the only option was to burn it out and allow the smoke to come into the front room and out through the front door creating... a right old mess, soot everywhere!

I was planning to paint the front room last week but didn't pull my finger out and get the job done - I'm glad I didn't now.

This is the chimney that's behaving as it should.

And this is what I came home to in my art room...I had thought about opening up this fire place but now the decision has been made for me, at least now I can go to the auctions on the look out for a lovely Victorian fire surround :)
I'll post some updated pictures when the job is done and I've tidied up a bit - don't hold your breath though, it may take a while!

Edit: please excuse the horrible red carpet - that will be going.


  1. Oh my, Lizzie. That is not a good sight to come home to after a long night's work. Hang in there as the final result will be worth the mess, soot, and inconvenience.

    Best of luck! La

  2. Wow!! I had two wood burners put in last year and am really looking forward to this winter and many a fires. I'm putting your cheque in the post tomorrow and i don't mind what colours they are (as they are for grown ups!!)

    happy surround hunting.


  3. Thanks La, I'm getting near the end of all this DIY and yes I think you're right it will be all worth it in the end x

  4. Thanks Colette, I'm looking forward to a cosy winter too. This Christmas is going to be a good one because the house may well be finished - yippee! Of course I'll post about everything ;) x

  5. Oh Lizzie, all that mess! Still it will be lovely and cosy when they're in. I think that carpet is indestructable, a lesser carpet would have given up years ago with all that rumble, DIY etc.

    Deb x

  6. Cheers Deb, you'll have to pop around and have a look. I know what you mean about that flippin carpet. Hopefully it with become an excellant pond liner in it's next life x

  7. Have you ever looked at the HETAS website? A wood burner should really be fitted by a HETAS registered engineer. Will your chimney be lined?
    Before it all goes too far you should check it out.

  8. Thanks for that Gigibird, I've had the building regs guys out and they've ok'd it all and my builder has his HETAS certificate. Best to be on the safe side. x

  9. Oooh that will be so lovely and cosy, I wish we could have a log burner in our house but we don't have a chimney!