Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Uh Oh, I've been mooching around charity shops again.

As I've taken a few days off work I thought I would spend some time doing what I love best - shopping for what some people might call 'tat' (treasure and nice things if you of the same mind as myself).
Before any tat, sorry treasure hunt, a good dose of sugar is needed so to start the prep work I tucked into a light but very sugary breakfast...that'll do it!

After several hours of mooching this is what I came back with...
  • a pair of vintage curtains (I plan to use the fabric for something else)
  • a set of hornsea storage jars
  • two covered serving dishes (only one shown)
  • a cheese dish
  • a serving platter
  • a hornsea pin dish
  • and a cheeky little monkey mug

Just look at that face...I think he's destined to be a pen pot in my art room.

This was just 50p (gasp).

Cheese doesn't really last long enough in my house to get near a cheese dish but I'm going to try really hard to use it, perhaps I could use it as a butter dish instead? mmmm...


  1. OOh you lucky devil, what fabulous finds. I particularly like the plate and the 50p dish. Oh, I've just had a look at the curtains - they're lovely too. Jealous!

  2. Oh lucky you, I love it all! x