Monday, 11 October 2010

Latest finds

Hello ladies, gents, boys and girls. Sorry for being a little lazy on the blogging front but I've been busy wrapping 40 freebies for The Pea Pod giveaway (see my previous post if you haven't the foggiest idea as to what I'm referring to). There's still plenty of time for you to enter the draw so if you haven't done so already get a wriggle on! I'll be posting a snap shot of the prize later to give you all an idea of how exciting the prize is.

Now for today's post...last week I did the rounds of my local charity shops and car boot sale and came up trumps! Just take a look at these sweet glasses, unused and still in their original packaging.

Isn't she adorable? Just look at those cool tights.

This embroidered box was just £1.50!

As I'm planning to sort out my garden and create a veg patch next spring I thought this book might come in handy. It's lovely with fantastic photographs throughout to spur you on and give inspiration - which is what I need.

This frying pan is very retro and has 'Made in Norway' printed on it's underside. I'm sure this is a well known design but I don't know who by. If any of you do recognise it could you let me know as I wouldn't mind looking it up.

And last but not least...two small baskets.
I was looking around my house the other day and realized that nearly everything I own was once loved by someone else, I must admit I felt quite proud of that. It really goes to show you don't have to spend a fortune to have a cosy welcoming home especially in these hard times and it's always a thrill finding those little special items and knowing that nobody else is likely to have the same.


  1. You hit the jackpot, Lizzie! Happy Monday! La

  2. Hi, love that pan. It looks very much like a Cathrineholm design which you can read about briefly here:

  3. i definately think that it's something to be proud of, i love finding pre-loved bits and pieces to fill my home!

    cate, x

  4. Yeah I love that frying pan too! I'm also very proud that none of my kitchenware is new, it's all either hand-me downs from Mum or bought second -hand. There's so much waste in this day and age and it's all so unnecessary!

  5. Yep I'm with you, so much waste but I must admit I'm glad that not all people like to use second hand items because it means there are more for us!

  6. Catherine Holm!! I'm too late though, someone already got there first...I have a casserole dish of hers that belonged to my boyfriend's Norwegian grandmother. I love her designs. Found your blog through Junkaholic and I like it!

  7. It is Cathrinholm for sure. I collect it! What a great find.