Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Look what I found whilst sorting my art room.

This morning I've been trying to sort out my art room - not a job for the faint hearted! Unfortunately I'm easily sidetracked so when I came across this old sketch book of mine I kissed goodbye to half an hour of valuable sorting time (and found another excuse for a cup of tea). After looking through it I thought I would share it with you too - there goes another 20 minutes or so.
This little sketch book is a triumph for me. I started it nearly 10 years ago to the day. On the eve of me starting a HND course in Fine Art at Hereford College. I wanted to keep a sketch book diary to record one thing a day in picture format - amazingly I kept it going right up until the last page, that's why it's a triumph! I would take this pocket sized book everywhere and I became almost obsessed with my daily entries.

WARNING - the spelling in this little book is horrendous!
It always makes me laugh when I read it.

As you can see I was in the habit of recording every day things, but they were things that stuck in my mind for that day. It's odd but flicking through I'm almost back there in time, but then I suppose that's what a diary is for, isn't it.

God, this must have been a boring day to record that someone had bought a new pair of slippers! Oh my life was so Rock and Roll back then...ha!

Spelling Elizabeth!!!!!!

At the time I was trying to learn the clarinet...what happened to that clarinet?...oh there it is over there...I'll get that out in a mo....there goes another hour...
I can't believe it's been 10 years.

Trout for tea - mmmmm

10 years ago we were all excitedly awaiting the arrival of two babies, one to my eldest sister Jo and her husband Colin and the other to one of my other sisters Deb and her partner John. Hence the knitting entry.

Hurrah!! One of the babies popped out...where's the diary and the paints?...quick!!

Do you know, I've really enjoyed flicking through this little piece of personal history and it's inspired me to start a new diary. It probably won't be an entry a day but just when the mood takes me.


  1. Why oh why are you not illustrating children's books, selling paintings, teaching painting(or writing, your hand writing is fantastic.)

    Just reading a blog of someone who is selling stuff through Not on the High street, her blog entry today? She has just handed her notice in on the day job!! Living the dream, I have too much DIY in this cottage to even think about ever doing that.

    That diary is fantastic, amazing, thank you so much for sharing it.

    So how was the clarinet..........

  2. Lizzie, thank you for sharing your diary. I thoroughly. That last page would be great framed for this time of year.

    I have to ask....is that a tally of how many ales you had at the pub for your 30 birthday? :o)

    Have a fabulous day! La

  3. La - I'm not too sure if that's a tally of my birthday ales, it's all a blur now so maybe!!! x

    Colette - I would love to do this stuff as a day job, I feel as though I'm steadily creeping towards it. I need to hit the mortgage hard first. Who's blog were you reading? I wouldn't mind having a look myself. x

  4. Shouldn't you be sorting out rather then blog reading??????

    Only joking, I should be asleep as I am back to work tonight but keep looking at your diary.

    Here is the blog http://rosiehearts.blogspot.com/2010/10/good-news-week.html

  5. Hi, I love the pomegranate and the fish entries... ooops my spelling is up too much either!

    I am having a giveaway over at my blog

    Pop over and enter... you might win something to sketch for your new diary! Lou x

  6. Cheers Colette, and yes I should be sorting...just one more cup of tea though...

    Everyone get over to the Little Green Shed - another giveaway yippee!!

  7. Wow - what beautiful work!

  8. Uau, I can not believe that someone can make something so beautiful. I can't stop looking at it. Wonderful!!! You really have to illustrate a book or something...

  9. How utterly gorgeous! You are really talented! I really thought you must be an illustrator or something....go for it! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  10. Wow, so wonderful and incredibly inspiring. I would really love to have a go at this but I just know I could not commit. Well done to you fo doing it!

  11. Ive got to say how fantastic you are. Your diary is an art work in itself, i so wish i could draw like that you have definatley got talent x x

  12. aarr! thank you so very much, you're very kind. xx

  13. I was always hopeless at keeping a sketchbook, so I admire your tenacity at maintaining it for a whole year! I think it's so nice to look back at visible reminders of your own work; pictures bring back memories and can also inspire new ideas too. It's fun to see how your work changes over time as well.
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Your artwork is amazing; so colourful and so detailed, and very witty. Its brilliant that you kept the pictures going for so long - definitely a book that should be published!