Sunday, 17 October 2010

Odd job week

Isn't it hard to catch up with all those little jobs that need doing from time to time? You know the ones, the jobs that would either make something look nicer or make something easier to use but aren't urgent enough to make you stop what you're doing right now and get them done!

Well, this week I've booked the time off work to do some of those jobs around the house, there are shelves to be put up, paintings to be hung, mirror frames and furniture to be painted, walls to be livened up with a lick of paint, items to go up in the loft, pumpkins to carve and as always cleaning to be done.

Now, I'm being realistic about all this and I don't for one moment think that I'll get everything done but I'm going to give it a damn good try.

So first up was to polish the family silver...well electroplate to be precise! Last year I bought a large box of cutlery or flat wear as the auctioneers called it. I bought it with the intention of cleaning it up and using it as every day utensils. Well they've been sitting patiently in their box for a while until yesterday when I settled on the sofa for a couple of hours and got the job done. Each piece started out tarnished and black but I think you'll agree they all look rather lovely now.
I reckon that polishing an item until it shines has to be on the list of the most satisfying things to do, oh these little things that please me!


  1. Hi Lizzie
    Although we used this type of cutlery when I was a child I've only recently begun to appreciate it and I now actively seek it out at local auctions!! I wish I'd had Mum's when she offered it!

  2. I know what you mean Gill, some of the stuff I've got is so pretty. I'm still on the look out for spoons.

    It's a pitty you didn't have your Mum's cutlery but sometimes when these things are offered it's at the wrong time. Lizzie x

  3. oo lucky you, what a gorgeous find! I am slowly collecting "silver" cutlery, as one day I am hoping my Mr will get his bum into gear and buy me the ring! The cutlery will be used by the guests, in a vintage/junk style wedding. In the meantime, whilst I wait, I slowly collect! Lou x

  4. Lou that sounds lovely, that would be my style of wedding too. But alas, I think there's a large hole in my bloke catching net - they keep getting away :)

  5. They are fabulous- well done for shining them up so finely. I am always looking out for nice vintage cuttlery in charity shops- our ikea set with plastic handles are looking a bit cheap and rubbish!

  6. It looks great, Lizzie. I didn't get as much done this weekend as I would have liked.

    Have a fantastic week! La

  7. i love doing that, taking time out of life to sort out my surroundings, it's theraputic and i like the sense of achievement!

    hope you have a nice time!

    cate, x