Monday, 11 October 2010

Special delivery at The Pea Pod

Last week I had a wonderful surprise gift sent to me from Colette over at I was sent this lovely corsage pin which Colette made with her own fair hands. Thank you so much Colette I love it and it totally lifted my day, x

The other delivery I had was my new doors! - YIPPEE!

I've had it in mind to have these doors for the last seven years - yes, seven years!

You see, when I moved into my house some of the internal doors were missing and the loo door was a dirty plastic concertina style thing that kept getting stuck every time I wanted to leave or enter the room, so one day in a fit of door rage I ripped the thing out leaving me with no loo door for the next seven years. Which sounds worse than it is. It just means that when I have visitors they have to announce that they are off for a pee to warn everyone not to go up the stairs to avoid getting a surprise - if you know what I mean!

Anyway, the doors became less of a priority as time moved on and other jobs needed to be done but finally I was in a position to place my order...that was in April and I've been waiting for them to arrive ever since. Thursday the call came through and a voice said 'your doors will be with you in 2 hours' - and they were.

I'm so pleased with them they're solid wood and very heavy, I tried to move them the other day and nearly ruptured something! I've had etched glass with little stars all over it put in them which finishes them off nicely. I just have to wait for payday now to have them hung, crikey it's always a waiting game when your skint!


  1. I am so glad you liked it. The peg ladies really are fantastic, if it was possible they look even nicer in real life then they do on your blog (have a look at mine later). And as for your doors..........I LOVE the glass.

    Yes pay day...... with two teenagers it seems to be gone BEFRE it gets paid into the bank, one day it will be mine!!! Just MINE!!!!

  2. Oh, I like them. They look very heavy.

    The corsage pin Colette made you is sweet.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day! La

  3. Love the doors and the glass. I had similar glass in a cottage I lived in years ago except it was a polka dot pattern. I just loved to look at it - funny how little things like that can make you so happy!

  4. ooh, polka dot glass would be lovely. I know what you mean about the little things...I keep doing the same as you...just looking at my doors!!