Thursday, 18 November 2010

New auction finds

I've discovered a new auction, yippee! Just take a look at what I found, I'm trying to find items that I can sell on my Christmas stall I like to have a mix of my work and a few used items. I like to buy things that I would want to have, this does make it hard to part with some items.

I love this little water colour it's really sweet, the detail is amazing and it's an original too - bonus.

This little lady actually came from the charity shop but I thought I'd throw her into the mix as well. I think she's one of the Winnie the Pooh characters.

A lovely cream jug.

And these brilliant mixing bowls, the two large ones are 6 pint bowls and I reckon that the small one must be a 4 pinter but it's not marked so I'm not too sure.


  1. Surely you can't part with the Mason mixing bowls!! I saw one at a car boot sale a little while ago and I was so excited about buying a Huntley and Palmers tin that I completely ignored the mixing bowl. I still regret it!

  2. Lilibet if the little one doesn't sell at Christmas then I am indeed going to keep it - you watch, that'll be the only thing out of the whole lot I will sell I expect!