Thursday, 18 November 2010

New Mini Moo's

On Sunday I sat at my computer and created new mini Moo cards ready for Christmas - today they arrived!
Whilst I was slobbing about this morning there was a knock on the front door, standing there was my lovely postman clutching two little packages containing these little mini Moo's!
If you don't know about moo then please let me be the one to spread the word. Moo is an online printing company which allows you to download photos or art work to create your own greetings card, business cards, stickers, post cards or mini Moo cards which are tiny little cards that can be used as business cards, tags, book marks or basically anything you can think of.
I really can't sing the praises of this company enough, it's easy, fast and reasonably priced too. Pop Moo into google and have a look for yourself some people have come up with some clever ideas to use their products and it's truly inspirational.

I must admit I do get a little giddy when my Moo's arrive - perhaps I ought to get out more mmm!

I always have to spread them out...

stack them in piles...

and make pretty patterns with them...I need help...

These are destined to be product tags and contact cards (my details are printed on the reverse). How cool.


  1. Wow!!! They look fantastic. I think I'll need to buy something else from you just to get a moo card. I love the landscape ones.

    Best I get some things made to take photos of.

    Ah ha!! Puppies!!! no that doesn't count.

    (Nice to see you back)

  2. what a fab idea, i think they look great and they are orignal too x x

  3. Colette, get some Moo's done and we can start a Moo swap club :)

    Bears footprints they do look original don't they. On the web site somone had designed them to be little stand up people which I thought was a cute idea.

  4. ooh these cards are lovely! really gorgeous colours... no wonder you couldn't resist a bit of "arranging" when you got them!

  5. I'm so glad I saw this, Lizzie. Your mini-moos turned out fabulously.

    I've been wanting to get some cards printed for my blog. I will definitely check them out.

  6. La, get some moo's and then you can be in the moo swap gang too :)

  7. wow those are gorg and so colourful. no wonder your smiling i would to. Dee ;-)) Enjoy..

  8. They look utterly gorgeous!

  9. Oh I have seen moos cards on other blogs but yours look so pretty. Sounds like a great idea.

    All things nice...

  10. I love Moo cards....yours are like little jewels.

  11. I am so mooved by your Moos! The landscape ones and the peg dollies are my faves. You are a clever girl!

  12. Shall have to get some cards done by Moo - they look really great. Check out Poppy Corkhill's blog as she organizes vintage and handmade fairs in Toddington :)

  13. These look amazing. I do love Moo, such a good company, love how colourful yours are.

  14. love the mini moos, 'specially the peg dolls and bunny rabbits all in a row.

    i love to arrange and pile and sort and play with thing too, i can spend hours with a button tin!

    Cate, x