Thursday, 16 December 2010

Today I was speechless - a rarity for me!

Well I haven't done this in a while!
I've got so much to tell you all. It's been full on over the past few weeks that's for sure.
I'll tell you all about the latest happenings at The Pea Pod over the next couple of days.

But first up I want to show you a few photos of something quite spectacular I saw today, after work today I had to do the boring job of taking my old banger of a car to the scrap yard (R.I.P) and collecting my new old banger from my sisters house. I was a little tired and grumpy and just wanted to get home when... I turned a corner and saw this...

The brightest and clearest rainbow I have ever seen, it was truly beautiful and literally stopped me in my tracks.

I have to apologise for the photos though they aren't the greatest but I think you can get the feel for it.

The rainbow ended just behind the trees which wasn't too far away.

At this point it had caused quite a stir as there were now three of us oohing and arrring at it!

You can just make out a second rainbow on this photo.

And now for the arty shots (really just me being rubbish with the camera!)

I have to say seeing this gave me such a lift it was wonderful.

Oh and by the way The Pea Pod was one year old on the 6th Dec...aarrr my baby is growing so fast.


  1. Aaaw happy birthday to Pod! That rainbow is beautiful- do you think there is such thing as a snowbow?

  2. I'd like to think that snowbows are out there somewhere, lurking. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming days :)

  3. I believe that God sends rainbows to us when we need reassurance that all will be ok. Perhaps it was sent specifically to perk you up.

    Your pictures are wonderful and Happy Anniversary! La

  4. La you may just be right, it did the job x

  5. aww happy birthday. And great shots ;-)) Dee x

  6. Happy Birthday to The Pea Pod! Wow, I've never seen 2 rainbows at once - hope its a good omen for your new/old car to be well-behaved, and for lots of good things for you!

  7. wow, your pictures are great! that would have stopped me in my tracks too!

  8. i have to agree it is truly a wonderful sight a few weeks ago we had exactly the same and it does literally stop you and make you go wow!
    Happy belated birthday to your little pod i hope they had a lovely day x