Saturday, 15 January 2011

An award!

I've been given a fun blog award from Bears Footprints. All I need to do is list 7 things about myself that you don't already know and then list blogs that I would like to pass the award onto and so onwards it goes.

So here goes...

1. In my 20's I started to take flying lessons but I found I was more interested in looking out of the windows and dive bombing cows than learning the in's and outs of flight controls so I decided it was in every ones interest if I gave up.

2. I work full time in a microbiology lab testing Ribena and Lucozade to ensure it's safe to drink.

3. I'm the youngest of 4 girls and I don't think we have ever really argued with each other.

4. When I was a kid I had a strange fascination with sleeping in weird places. I've slept in the family coat cupboard, under my bed and in a 20 inch gap at the end of a set of bunk beds (which was quite tricky because there wasn't much room when the duvet and pillows were in the gap too!). OK, I know this one is odd but I put it down to the fact that I wanted to feel like I was camping.

5. I hate it when people drop litter.

6. Since I was 8 I've wanted to be the proud owner of a toy shopping trolley complete with tiny toy food.

7. My little finger on my left hand is bent - I don't know how, why or when this happened (?)

There you have it and I wouldn't blame you if you distanced yourselves from me now :)

I would like to pass the award onto...

Don't feel as though you have to do this but it would be good to spill the beans...think of it as therapy!


  1. I do love these, as you find out things about people (sometimes strange things!) that they may not ordinarily put on their blogs, now when did you last want to sleep in a weird place......

  2. ;-))) Your funny flying lessons and dive bombing cows...i love it ;-)) Dee x

  3. Lyn the sleepin in weird places thing seems to have worn off now, I think it's because as an adult I know I can go camping whenever I want to - boring isn't it!

    Perhaps tonight I'll sleep in the greenhouse ;)

  4. A good list! Thanks for sharing. I love the Forest (live in Hereford) !

  5. Congratulations on your award - your list made my smile!

  6. Thank you Lizzie - will whizz my list up soonish; your job is a big surprise - its nothing like the art-life that you have on here, but I'm glad to know, out of any of the people who could possibly ensure our Ribena is safe, that it's you!

  7. im glad you enjoyed your award, you did make me laugh when you talked about your flying lessons, i have to say the same as trashsparkle i would never of guessed that you worked with ribena when you make such arty items x x