Sunday, 30 January 2011

Garden tidy time (again)

Yesterday was definitely a day of action. My wonderful Mum and sister came by to help me blitz the garden and have a flippin good clear out and a well overdue tidy up.

This is right up my sister's street as she's a keen gardener who can't pass by a weed without yanking it out the ground. They arrived armed with all kinds of gardening tools and in the time it took me to pull on my wellies the first shrub was history!

This is a rather charming shot of my sister in action (sorry Jo!).

Everything was overgrown and messy.

This year I would like to do a lot with the garden, there's thoughts of adding paths, creating a few terraced areas, paving an area to be used for planters and for sitting in the sun (fingers crossed) and of course creating a veg patch, complete with a scarecrow - I've wanted one since moving in.

My shed and my greenhouse also needs a little attention.

This is the area that will become the veg patch and is the furthest away from the house. It's quite a tricky garden to design a layout for because it's so long and yet really narrow, we'll have to see what I can come up with.

Apologies for this photo being so blurred, we found this little chap under one of my many broken terracotta pots and I think I was so excited it resulted in camera wobble. He's got a look on his face as though he's thinking 'if I stay still she might buzz off'.

At one point Mum decided to have a pit stop and sat down on my bench only to find herself on the floor as it gave way under her...I can only think that either the bench was rotten or Mum has taken to carrying a very large amount of loose change round with her in her pockets.

And here are the 'after' photos, it all seems really bare but there's definite signs of new growth coming through so in no time at all I should be!

We moved the bird table closer to the house for me to get a better view of my little feathered friends. Since Christmas I've become a little bit of a twitcher getting almost hysterical with excitement if so much as a sparrow pops by to have a snack, and when a mystery bird arrived I went out and bought a used pair of binoculars to aid identification!!

I'm lucky enough to have brilliant soil in my garden which is great but can be a tiny bit of a pain as everything grows so well and so fast. Last year my rhubarb looked like it had come from the land that time forgot, it was huge.

This is my old chicken house, I used to have two chickens but something took them. I would like to get a few more but I'll need to replace the house as it was made with untreated wood and has rotted, it would be great to have fresh eggs again.

We didn't tackle this bit, that's phase two...anyone got a mini digger?


  1. I too love gardening and this time of year is very busy.I am looking forward to seeing your garden come along, enjoy Lesley.

  2. Wow what a difference....many hands do indeed make light work. I bet you have all sorts of ideas buzzing around in your head.
    Lets hope we have an early spring...get some seeds sown on your windowsill, it will spur you on, it has done me...I'm willing the sun to shine.

    Vicky x

  3. Vicky, I was looking through some seed catalogues the other day, that's a good way to get in the mood isn't it.

    I think I will do some sowing this week xx

  4. Your sister sounds just like my mum ;-)) Shes the same ;-)You have one gorgeous garden though and so many different areas its going to look amazing when its finished it seems to be very cosy to. Hello mr frog ;-)) dee x

  5. Goodness! You've been a very busy girl. I can't wait to see the garden when it turns green.

    There are so many inches of snow here that it will be quite some time before we can even see the ground.

    Have a great week! La

  6. wow you have all been busy, like wise i have a very long thin garden and its quiet nice to be able to split it up abit. So right at the end we have a shed, alotments and chickens, in the middle we have a grass meadow which has a zig zag path running through it, then we have a grass area, then right near the back of the house we have a more formal area, prehaps i shall blog more about it this year especially when the warmer weather comes our way x but in the mean time enjoy looking at the seed catalogues etc x x

  7. Wow- it's looking fab. I love the diferent levels- well done for all the hard work x

  8. hee hee, i was most confused for the first half of the post, i didn't realise there were before shots! looks much better after tho!

    i'm going to have a go at a bit of gardening this year, first time i've had a garden, so i'll be interested to see what you get up.

    Cate, x

  9. Thanks for the comments I always love reading them.

    I hope you all blog about your gardens in the coming months I'd love to see them, it will help to spur me on xx

  10. that is some project - can't believe how long your garden is; it seems to go on forever! well done for getting out there and doing the blitz (says me, spending the weekend lazily indoors!) looking forward to seeing regular "progress" pics.

  11. Snap.

    I too have a long thing garden, 150 ft. Plus a front garden. A couple of years ago I put a poly tunnel up at the end. So from my back door I have a patio area, then my orchard (2 apple trees and a pear tree!!!), onto poly tunnel and veg patch.

    Although I have been dreaming of a much smaller garden..............

  12. Wow you've made such a change in just a day! Will look great when everything starts growing and flowering, have fun choosing more plants and seeds! x