Saturday, 8 January 2011

Mini collection no.1 - Dala Horses

Just after Christmas I had a long overdue clear out of my art room. As I sorted through masses of boxes that I'd just dumped in the room and closed the door on during the run up to Christmas, I came across a few mini collections.

I'm the type of person who takes a fancy to something, collects a few of them and then moves onto the next thing that catches my eye...very magpieish.

Here's my mini collection of bashed and battered Dala horses, all rescued from car boot sales or charity shops and brought home to live at The Pea Pod.

I'll share another mini collection with you all later...


  1. oooo these are lovely! I love the white one. If you ever want to pass it on... let me know! Lou x

  2. the horses are really sweet,Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Dee x

  3. You are very good at finding these quirky treasures! I love the different sizes they came in. I've got a black/green one. Aren't they what Swedish families traditionally used to carve, vaguely remember reading it when I looked Dala up once?

  4. Your horses are so sweet. I like the vibrant colors.