Monday, 10 January 2011

Mini collection no.3 - King Penguin Books

Here we go with mini collection no.3 - King Penguin Books. On my book shelves I have probably 25 of these little books covering a range of subjects such as Woodland Birds, Heraldry in England, British Military Uniforms, Poisonous Fungi and Spiders (as well as a few more besides). They're great little books with fantastic covers and lovely illustrations and are only the size of a Ladybird book.

Just look at these covers, aren't they fab?

and here's a few illustrations for you to coo at.

One day I'll actually sit down and read one!


  1. I love these illustrations! Where did you find the books??? are they still available or have you been collecting them for years??

  2. They are still out there Gill, if you go to eBay and take a look you'll be sure to find some. Or if you're ever in Hay-on-Wye you'll see them everywhere.

  3. Wow, love the patterned pages with the soldiers, ballerinas, owls and mushrooms - gorgeous! Really like the muted colour schemes too. I have books that I just look at and never read too!

  4. The covers remind me of old fashioned wallpaper.

  5. These are such great illustrations and patterns! I'm in love.