Saturday, 15 January 2011

This weeks happenings.

Well, so far 2011 hasn't been too bad at all. This week in particular has been a good one with the purchase of a few interesting bits and bobs and some progress on one or two of my 2011 goals.

So first up let me show you what I bought this week...

These wonderful old French knitting dolls. Aren't they cute (if not a little prim looking). They're a bit battered in places but that just adds to their charm.

This is my favourite one, although you should never have favourites of course.

whilst on my travels I found this little wooden bird too - lovely. At this stage I must say I was starting to feel smug and pleased with myself.

The other quality find of the week is this little box/cabinet. Just before Christmas a friend told me about a new shop that had opened in a nearby village selling old used items, just my kind of thing, so I popped over to check it out. It was great, they had so many lovely items and all with reasonable price tags.

I spotted this little box and had to have it, I'm not too sure what it was originally used for but I think it was to be put on a table top as there are no fixings or marks to suggested it was once hung on a wall.

Since bringing it home I've been taking it from room to room holding it up against the walls to see where it looks best - this seems to be a ritual I have to go through whenever I buy something that needs to be wall mounted!

The other exciting thing that I did this week was to open a business bank account - OK, I know it's probably not that exciting to you but humour me, it means I'm one more step closer to starting my website and selling some of my work :) Now I just need to come up with a good name for the site and I'm off the this space.

I've also started my picture diary which I must admit isn't going brilliantly but it's started so that's a good thing. I'll show it to you at a later date when it's looking more impressive.

I hope you've all had a great week too!! xx


  1. What wonderful finds- can't wait to see what you do with the box xx

  2. I love the little box - I have a couple too and I'm always looking for more! Where is this shop 'cos I'm not far from you?????

  3. Gill, I found the box at Hearts Barn Craft Centre. if you need directions, pop along you may find something interesting. Be sure to tell me if you find anything. You could then have the rest of the day to look around the forest. xx

  4. Totally amazingly fantastic news with the Bank Account!!!!! Well done. The little cupboard looks lovely. Keep looking at front doors and thinking about yours. There is a lovely deep pinky purple one here in Bridport but not as grand as yours. Here’s to 2011, may this be the year of you. Name Wise....why not stick along the lines of The Pea Pod, it’s you.

    Oh I am all so chuffed now.

    Thank you

  5. Gorgeous french kniitting dolls! What a fruitful week!

  6. Colette you made me laugh when you said you've been looking at front doors. When I was looking for door inspiration I kept taking photos of doors I liked the look of - even whilst on hols in Malta!

    I would keep The Pea Pod as the name but I think someone has already nabbed it for their site - darn it!

  7. aww those knitting dolls are so sweet what a great find ;-) Im the same when i find a cupboard or anything that needs to be on the wall i walk and try it against every spare wall ;-) Great news about your account, good luck with your buisness, Have a lovely weekend, Dee x

  8. Out of all your finds, I like the little bird best, so simple and elegant and wood, my favourite!
    Good luck with the business and stick with The Pea POd, it really is you!

    Sandie xx

  9. I like the middle one too, Lizzie. They're all very cute though.

  10. Good finds Lizzie. I was at Harts Barn the other day and the unit selling vintage things is really nice and worth popping back for. And the teas there are apparently really good. Hope all is going well for you and wish you lots of great finds in 2011.

  11. Hi Gloria, thanks for the kind words. I thought the prices at Hearts Barn were really good, I also bought a sweet wooden toast rack and it was only £2 - fab.

    I hope all's well with you. I did look out for you at Christmas.

  12. I love the little wooden bird. what a lovely treasure! The knitting dolls are simply adorable.

  13. Wow, I love these. I collect knitting dolls but I didn't know they were French.
    grt, Helmi