Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Today I went for another stroll, this time to a local beauty spot - Mallards Pike. The objective of the stroll was to get some fresh air to help clear a splitting head ache I've had all day and to go on a little nature ramble.

In The Forest of Dean where I live, wild boar have be spotted on several occasions and one of the areas they have been seen mooching about is Mallards Pike. The boar are quite elusive and are hard to spot. The slightest noise will spook them and off they disappear into the woods. This afternoon I was hoping to catch a glimpse of one and get a photo to show you...this was not to be however!

I'll stay on my guard though, and as soon as I have a shot you'll see it...I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Perhaps I need camouflage gear, what do you think?

OK, so no boar today but I did see these...

This little fella did a bit of hissing, charging and flapping at me. You would all have been so proud of me as I stood my ground and refused to be intimidated

Just look at that evil stare!

There were lots of other more interesting birds about, but me being so clumsy and heavy footed scared them away! Better luck next time...


  1. The phot's are so clear and lovely. What Camera is it?

  2. Would help if I spelt stuff right!!

  3. It's a Cannon 350, I bought it from a bloke at work who said he couldn't get on with it.

    I'm loving it and can't put it down. I even took a photo of the washing up the other day just to have a go on it! New toys and all that...

  4. The pictures are great, so clear! thanks for sharing :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Lovely place for a walk great photos, love that figure of the toad and the mermaid i had to look for a few mins to work it out ;-) Have a lovely day, dee x