Saturday, 19 March 2011

The weekend starts here.

Hurray it's the weekend!

I've had a lovely relaxed start to the weekend, I woke up naturally at 08:30 (instead of the 04:45am starts I've been doing all week for work - killer!).

Jumped in the bath and stayed there until I had finished this lovely - slightly disturbing book which is on loan from a work colleague, Thorsten. I thought I'd show it to you purely because of the cover.

Once out of the bath it was time for scoff - two boiled eggs. I haven't had boiled eggs in ages - mmmmm!

But I couldn't've just got to do it haven't ya!??

This afternoon mother and myself are off to a mega jumble sale. It's a sale we've been to in the past and it can get a little rough so we've been making plans as to how to come out of it alive. There's no messing about when it comes to quality jumble!!

If I come out alive I'll tell you all about it...if's been nice knowing you all....


  1. My sister went to a jumble like that down in Cornwall the other week. Mind you she sis come home with two bin bags full of maga amazing stuff. So it was worth loosing an arm or two!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. I love those eggs- just fab! Happy jumbling x

  3. ;-))) im loving those eggs they like brill ;-) Hope you had fun at the jumple sale and had a few happy bargins, dee x

  4. Did you survive??????????????????????????

  5. I'm reading your posts out of sequence so it spoiled your cliff hanger.

    Your breakfast looks yummy. I love brown eggs. Somehow they seem to have more flavor than their white cousins.

    My alarm also goes off at 4:45 AM during the week. I so enjoy sleeping in on weekends.

  6. La, I think you're right about brown eggs although I did manage to get some green/blue eggs last week and they were good too, bright yellow yolks, mmmm.

    Have a brilliant week my lovely xx