Saturday, 2 April 2011

Eggs Benedict - mmmmm!

Crikey this morning has been a little bit manic. I popped out to nearby Chepstow to buy some paint for my living room, unfortunately the whole town was grid locked, due to a race meeting (I think). I had to sit in traffic for a good three quarters of an hour before reaching Homebase.

Whilst at Homebase all their tills froze and no one could be served! After a little time we all got moving again and my paint was safely in the boot of the car.

Next stop Tesco's - OH MY GOD!!! The place was heaving with shoppers armed with bunches of flowers - mmm I wonder why that is?

When safely home there was only one thing for it - eggs benedict!

I hope your Saturday hasn't been too stressful :)


  1. Mmmmmmm..... looks scrummy.

    OK, so I have decided that maybe the fact that I no longer have weekends isn't such a bad thing!!!!

    How is the garden?

  2. It was crazy here too - no horse racing though; pay day and mothers day on the same weekend = gridlock!! ooh, I'm dying to know what colour paint you got, tho I bet we've got to wait until the photos!

  3. Wow, that sounds like a very cray morning. I've had a busy day, but it wasn't as hectic as yours. Your eggs benedict look delicious.

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  4. Poppy Cottage, the garden is getting greener, last weekend I pulled down the chicken pen so thats now in bits piled up in the garden ready to be taken to the tip.

    Trashsparkle, my paint colour is boring old cream, I painted one of my rooms in green but it's too dark and makes the room feel like a little cave so it's back to the original colour to brighten it up, I'll have to add the colour with cushions etc...there will be photos!

    La, you're always on the go and up to all sorts of things. I can hardly keep up with you! The eggs benedict was scrummy but after two I did feel a bit sick! You have a fab weekend too xx