Monday, 25 April 2011

Family come dine with me

My 10 year old nieces recently came up with the idea that we should all do our own version of the TV show 'Come Dine With Me'. For anyone reading this that doesn't know Come Dine With Me, it's a show where 4 total strangers have to hold a dinner party for each other and at the end of the each evening the dinner guests have to give the host a score out of ten for their hosting skills and most importantly the food.

A couple of weeks ago we kicked it all off by visiting my sister Deb, her other half John and Issy, unfortunately I forgot to grab my camera on the way out so I can't show you any pics of that night.

They set the standard high by serving stuffed field mushrooms as a starter, Chicken Chasseur and vegetables for the main course, and a choice of 3 desserts! Cheese cake, crepes or ice cream. The entertainment was guest participation playing Wii games, which was fun. The evening was a big hit with everyone and we all left feeling a little daunted at the fact that we had to follow that!

So last night was dinner number 2. My eldest sister Jo, husband Colin and Immy were the hosts and this time I remembered my camera...

Immy had decorated the dining room with Easter related items. There were fresh flowers, hand written name tags and little fluffy chicks.

They just about squeezed us all in...

Using two tables.

Our starter was home made tomato soup made by Jo. Delicious!

Followed by a turkey roast dinner made by Colin, this didn't stick around for long on my plate - lovely.

And for dessert Immy made a fantastic vanilla cheese cake complete with white chocolate drops in the base and edible glitter sprinkled on the top...heavenly!!

After dinner we all ventured out into the garden for the entertainment which was Issy and Immy doing a dance/gymnastics routine and a pop quiz. We didn't do too brilliantly on the quiz mainly because the questions revolved around gangster rappers which, as we found out wasn't our strong point! Needless to say we did quite a bit of laughing.

We all had a lovely afternoon so a big thank you goes out to Jo, Colin and Immy and another one to Deb, John and Issy for kicking it all off xx

And so who's up to host next I hear you cry...well it's me!!!!

Flippin heck, I'm not the world's greatest cook so I'll just have to dazzle them with my entertainment skills...


  1. I don't know this show, but it seems interesting. The food looks delicious, and the backyard is gorgeous. I bet you had a great day.

  2. Regina, we did. It's always nice to be with family. Jo and Colin are very keen gardeners, they've done a brilliant job with theirs xx

  3. I love this show its great fun. What a great game to play to and so many lovely evenings to enjoy ;-) That cheese cake looked yummy. Good luck with your evening have lots of fun ;-) dee x

  4. What a great idea - but lots of hard work!

  5. The garden looks delightful as does the food and flowers!