Monday, 18 April 2011

Garden love

At the moment I'm loving my garden. This morning I discovered this little beauty in full bloom. Isn't she gorgeous.

I don't have a lot of colour in the garden but things are definitely starting to wake up and say hello.

Yesterday I popped to the local car boot sale and picked up a few herb plants to start my little herb garden.

I've been trying to use more herbs and spices in my cooking and as herbs are so expensive to buy in the supermarkets I thought it would be a better idea to grow my own. I think they look lovely. I just need to learn how to cook properly now :)


  1. the herb garden looks good - I need to grow more than just sage and thyme! love the mountain cornflower - so vivid - planted mine in a tyre last year to contain them as they get a bit rampant. the iris is gorgeous - haven't seen that colour before.

  2. Cheers trashsparkle, I quite like plants that go wild and spread, it means you don't have to do too much!

  3. Lovely photo's this time of year is really beautiful my garden is lovely and full. I grow herbs like you to i have some in pots but i also grow them in the garden in between my other plants they look lovely. dee x

  4. I love those photos :DD
    I wish I could have thease cute plants in my garden ^^