Sunday, 24 April 2011

This mornings car boot sale finds

This morning I was up and out of bed mega early to get myself off to a local car boot sale. While others get their thrills from visiting designer boutiques I get my kicks from car boots sales and auctions hunting out gems for little amounts of dosh.

This morning was a good one, just take a look at what I found.

All of this!

These little cups are my favourite they are absolutely lovely and in brilliant condition. They have a beautiful hand painted design on them and are so pretty. I'm not the type to sip Earl Grey from fine china cups but I think they'll look great with flowers in or tea lights.

I also bought these tea plates for...wait for it...10p each!

Last night I was browsing the Internet for Moroccan and Bohemian inspiration, there were a lot of painted mirrors and lanterns on the sites I looked at and low and behold this morning what did I find? A painted mirror and ...

a Moroccan style lantern. My car boot guardian angel was definitely with my this morning :) I'm thinking this lantern will look great lit up in the garden on a summer evening. I already have one but if I can get hold of a few more and dot them about it should work nicely.

The candle sticks have an odd tale attached to them, the other evening I came home to find that someone had left a single glass candle stick at my front door. I think I can guess who it was but as yet they haven't fessed up to it (kind thing to do, dont you think) . This morning I found a pair of glass candle sticks but one was badly damaged so I just bought the other one. When I got home I put the two together and they match! Result!

This is to make Rhubarb chutney in.

And this I thought I could paint a bright colour and put flower pots in - what do you think, will it work?

And of course plants, plants and more plants! Oh I do love a car boot sale, I've said it before but I really don't understand people who only buy new stuff and won't even entertain the idea of second hand stuff.

Happy Easter Sunday to you all, don't be sick eating all your eggs! xx


  1. I have set my self a goal of tidy downstairs before I am allowing myself out in the garden. So far going well (helped by it being too hot outside for me).

    Plants look lovely. I love going to the tip, usually bring more home then I take but am getting a bit better!!

    Hope you have had at least one egg!!


  2. Your very good Poppy Cottage. I did a little bit in the garden yesterday but as you say it was way too hot for me. Being a red head I have to be a little bit careful.

    I've not got any eggs to eat, living on my own if I don't buy them no one else will. Crikey, I'll have you all crying in a moment, woe is me. xx

  3. Wow, that was uncanny that the candlesticks match. And do people often leave things on your doorstep???

    I love those cups - lovely and frilly, but like you I probably wouldn't use them. Too scared about my clumsy washing up.

    I never used to get an egg either - but could cannily get my choc fix by nicking bits of the kids' when they weren't looking. I've started buying my own now, as hovering hopefully was getting a bit lame. I got myself a Tinkerbell one this year!

  4. what great finds, isnt it great when you go to a carboot and find what your looking for and for a lot less money, im not working next sunday so i will be carbooting and also there is one up the road tommorrow so here i come x
    by the way your garden is looking good x

  5. What brilliant finds- I went to one this morning and only came away with some purple sprouting broccoli seedlings, it was a load of rubbish! x

  6. ooohhh great finds love those little tea cups so very pretty. And what a lovely story behind the candle sticks you we meant to found those today ;-) I think that little box will be great for pots great idea. I am with you with buying secondhand such a thrill to get a bargain. I am in the morning going to a carboot and i am really excited as i don't get the chance to go to them anymore hopefully it will be my lucky day to ;-) dee x

  7. Love your finds which carboot did you go to!
    Here in swindon they have one at the Link just up the road from me so I went and had a good look and was very lucky too. Got some very pretty jugs to use for flowers for only 20p each.My friend Jenny went to another one and come home with a rocking chair for me for £2.00. which I am going to paint cream.Pop over to my blog sometime and you can see my finds.Lesley x

  8. Riddlers cottage flowers - I go to a carboot sale in Coleford which is a small town up the road from me.

    20p for those jugs and £2 for a rocking chair is brilliant! x