Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wow, look what I've won!

This afternoon I dashed out of work in my dinner half hour to collect a parcel that my post man couldn't get through my letter box. As I work in one town and the parcel was in another, it was always going to be a challenge to get there and back in the time. Little did I know it would be an almost epic journey!

As I approached the parcel town I was turned back by a police man. A lorry carrying bricks had taken the bend too fast and had toppled over blocking the road. Off I went on an alternative road and eventually reached parcel town. I was nearing the collection office when I spotted a little old man trying to push his car out of the road (you couldn't make it up!) as he looked as though he may have had a heart attack at any moment I had to stop and lend a hand.

I finally managed to get my hands on this lovely give away prize from Ilona at I DREW THIS It's a wonderful pamper set which may well get cracked open tonight (I have to look good for the wedding tomorrow!).

Thank you so much Ilona I love it, I'm so lucky x

You must all pop over to I DREW THIS and have a look at Iloa's web site, her work is absolutely lovely.

Needless to say I was 15 minutes late getting back to work, but I had done someone a good turn and completed my mission so I didn't care!!


  1. Congratulations on the win, Lizzie. I'm sure the stranded motorist was thankful for your helping hand.

    I have to work tomorrow so I will miss the wedding. When Charles and Diana were wed, we had a party to watch the nuptuals. Maybe I'll try to wake up early so I can at least catch a glimpse of her gown. If not, I'll just have to watch the news accounts of the big day.

  2. Hi La, I'm not normally bothered by Royal goings on but this time I'm getting into the spirit of things.

    There's so much bad news on the TV all the time, it's nice to have a little pomp and ceremony and a reason to smile :)

    By the way your prize went in the post today so it should be with you shortly xx

  3. Oh yay- so glad you got a presie today too! (even if it led to mucho drama!) x

  4. It's quite funny, all these little blog give aways going from house to house. We must be keeping the postal service going... :)

  5. aawwww how lovely ;-)) Enjoy it and enjoy the wedding to ;-)) dee x

  6. Oooh, lucky ducky! I won a giveaway last week, am hoping that the postie will have a little something for me when I get home after the long weekend. :) Just came over via Flora & Purl... love your blog. Laura x

  7. hi lizzie, im the same i just love getting things through the post, especially when you dont know what it may be. Pop by my blog and you will see something else for you x