Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My oak floor has started to go it needs to be taken back up!!!

As I've mentioned in an earlier post I've been living for the past 8 years with the most hideous carpet ever. But last week my builder bloke, Clive, said he could fit my new oak flooring this week - how excited was I?!

So yesterday Clive and his brother turned up, offloaded 14 very heavy packs of solid oak flooring and popped off to collect the underlay thingy stuff. At this point I had to go to work, so, confident in the knowledge that the job was in safe hands off I went. 

My shift at work seemed to drag a little but finally at 10 o'clock I was free! The anticipation and excitement at seeing my new floor was growing by the second.

(This is the before photo of said grotty carpet. Just look at the dirt and paint stains. I'm truly ashamed, I hope  my neighbours don't see this, what will they think?)

Now at this point I must say that what I had asked for was oiled oak that would look natural.....but this is what greeted me when I walked through the door..aaarrrgg, it's horrible!! Way too shiny, slightly tacky and just the look I didn't want :( 

 My stomach flipped and a little bit of panic started to develop. The funny thing is that if I saw this in someone else's house I would probably think it was great but because I've been imagining my floor in my mind as natural oak and NOT shiny it is so disappointing. 

This is the state of my house at the moment. I can't get to the sofa so I have to watch the TV whilst sitting on the stairs. 

This morning Clive turned up to ask what I thought, he said he knew that I wouldn't like it and that's why he stopped at the point he did. Apparently the supplier had given him lacquered oak instead of oiled. So now the floor needs to be pulled up and we start again, the only problem being is that the oiled oak won't be ready until Monday. 

I'm hosting my come dine with me evening on Saturday for nine people. I haven't got a clue where to put them and how to serve them with all this crap everywhere. I'm sure something can be sorted...fingers crossed.  


  1. Oh no, Lizzie. I am so sorry. What horrible timing.

    Do you have any spare rooms where you could store the supplies in order to free up the room to accomodate your guests? I'm sure they will understand why your floor isn't completed.

    I am sending positive thoughts your way as you figure it all out. If I lived there, I would come over to lend a hand.

    As for the carpet, you should see what I am dealing is horrendous. It is 25 years old and is worn down to the webbing in places. It is just one item on the long list of things the house needs done.

    Best of luck, Sweetie! La

  2. La your positive vibes are coming through, I can feel them.

    If it all comes to the worst I'll just have to throw a table cloth over the packs of flooring and use it as a table. My dinner guests are pretty easy going and it will take their minds off the food!

    It's good to know I'm not the only one with a bad carpet. Perhaps we ought to start a support group :) xx

  3. No it has to have waited so long to get want you want...
    I would cancel the dinner...or go to the local takeaway and bring back fish and chips etc and all sit on the floor...

  4. Seeing as they are all loved members of your family coming, and the weather should be lovely, how about turning it into a picnic in the garden, patches an all xx (blogger won@t let me log in as me xx

    Colette x

  5. Gigibird, I'm going to see what happens in the next two days and if I just can't move it all about then, yep it will have to be done another day.

    but saying that Colette's idea of feeding them in the garden sounds quite nice. We might all look like a bunch of nut cases with false moustaches and eyepatches but it would be funny. x

  6. Colette, I had trouble with Blogger the other day. It would let me log in OK but I couldn't upload any pictures until I'd upgraded to the new editor thingy in the settings section - all's well now though. Hope it all gets sorted for you soon xx

  7. O No what a nightmare i am so sorry i can imagine just how you are feeling. But it will look gorgeous in the end i am sure its just such bad timing. If the weather is good could you nit eat outside? i hope it all goes to plan for you and you have a lovely evening maybe even a carpet picnic some how may be fun serving on little pretty trays you could make it turn into your favor. good luck and keep smiling, dee x

  8. Cheers Dee, I'm working out my contingency plan and I'm keeping my pecker up! xx

  9. Hello there my lovely!
    If by it you mean my come dine with me's be called off until the floor has been done, I'm hoping that will be next Sunday but I'm in the hands of the builders now :(

    It's a little disappointing because for once I'm organised and raring to go! I'll keep you updated x

  10. Thank you for sharing your story. I am happy Clive did not open the rest of the boxes and did not continue with installing. I am sure this way you could replace the unopened boxes of oak flooring to oiled flooring. It was a bad timing I have to tell.