Monday, 20 June 2011

At last I've bought my 40th birthday present.

If you've been reading this blog for a little while you may remember this post that was written last year. In it I vowed to buy an original artwork from Mariette Voke who's a successful local artist and who's work I absolutely love.

Last October I celebrated my 40th birthday and had some money set aside for my special purchase, however a lorry driver had other ideas and reversed into my car meaning that my savings had to go towards a new car instead - aaaarrrg!!

Well today I had to pop over to Mariette's cottage to collect something unrelated (which I'll tell you about later in the week) and my cheque book just happened to be in my bag...oh, how did that happen?

Mariette very kindly unwrapped her artwork and this one instantly hit the spot with me. What do you think? It's a still life of pears sitting in one of Nigel Lambert's bowls (Nigel being Mariette's other half). The little green bowl in front of the painting is in fact one of Nigel's pieces that I bought from him last year, it's as though I was fated to have this painting all along.  

Just look at the detail isn't it lovely.

Happy (late) Birthday to me...Happy (late) Birthday to me....Happy (late) Birthday dear meeee....Happy (late) Birthday to me......  

Thanks Mariette xx 


  1. Thats wonderful
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Glad you have got it at last. I have decided to buy myself a 39th Birthday present, 12 weeks of Cambridge Diet. I am 100% about the need to loose the fat and stop hiding, so, fingers crossed, by September I will be daughter-less (in a nice way) and a spare tyre or 4 less!!

    The picture is amazing.

    Happy (late) Birthday xx

  3. very luscious! you could just pick one of those pears up they're so realistic. good on ya for finally getting your present. x

  4. What a fabulous birthday pressie!! They look like you could eat them. Yum

  5. lucky lady, the daisies look lovely x

  6. aawww bless you ;-)) Its wonderful and so life like, you enjoy it, dee x

  7. Nice purchase Lizzie - always important to have something really special to remember those big birthdays by!!