Saturday, 18 June 2011

Come dine with me...what a laugh!

Well my turn to do a come dine with me evening finally arrived and I have to say it was a success...I think.
I decorated the house with flowers.

And garlands.

Laid the tables and tried to make everything look pretty.

Lit the candles.

And created my own entertainment...Mustachio Ninjas. What you have to do is try to identify the famous moustache wearer by only seeing the moustache! Simple.

Nibbles on arrival.

And then my guests started to arrive and the fun started..... 

It has to be said there was a lot of love in the room.

The 1st round of Moustachio Ninjas got them all thinking hard...who could that famous moustache wearer be? 

Luckily the food was well received. I've never cooked for more than 2 people before so cooking for nine was a challenge to say the least. I'm prying that I haven't poisoned them all.

I think a good night was had by all and my dinner guests would like to salute you lovely Pea Pod readers...bottoms up!


  1. What a fantabulous looking evening! Bet everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Lizzie!

    I have been waiting for this post. This is such a fun idea. Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time and your food looks delicious.

  3. awwwwwww what a great post bless you and you lovely guests it all looked amazing ;-) Well done you ;-)) dee x

  4. bravissimo! so many details thought of beforehand. looks like a lot of fun - and the candlelight looks lovely. (as does the floor!)x

  5. I figured candlelight was the best option as they wouldn't be able to see what they were eating especially with the addition of eye patches too! ;)

  6. Looks like yo had the most wonderful evening> Glad it was such a success.

    Colette xx

  7. The food, table and decorations all looked wonderful. Can I come next time ...??!

  8. Jane you most certainly can. Perhaps the next one will be goggles and swimming hats as a theme? What do you think????

  9. How fantasic! If I lived nearer I would gatecrash!