Saturday, 4 June 2011

A visit to some local gardens

Today two of my sisters, my nieces  and I went on a tip to visit some local gardens that had been very kindly opened for the public to nose around. We've had the most wonderful day of snooping about, sniffing roses and completing garden quizzes. 

Just look at this isn't it lovely? Every one of the gardens we visited was truly inspirational and beautiful and the owners were so welcoming and friendly.

During the garden trail there was time to take in the magnificent views...WOW! Sometimes you just don't appreciate what's on your doorstep.

This garden had to be my favorite for sure. It's owned by a lady named Heather Elliott, who unfortunately wasn't at the garden at the same time as us as she was out and about looking at the other gardens. However Heathers mother and her friend was watching over the garden for her and they told us that Heather had totally transformed the garden from scratch on her own.

On one side of the road is Heathers little pink cottage complete with quirky steps and a small neat garden full of interesting plants.

And on the other side of the road is Heathers art studio where she creates the most wonderful ceramics and I'm guessing that it also doubles as guest accommodation should someone come to stay. The studio sits in a breathtaking garden with fabulous views over the countryside. I'm sure my photographs don't do this garden justice as it is FANTASTIC!! I only wish we could have told Heather to her face, because she's put so much work into both gardens.   

Just take a look.  

The planting in this bed adds a warm feel to the garden with the oranges, pinks and reds set against the darker plants at the back of the bed.

The gentle trickle of water from a small fountain adds to the calm feel of the garden.  

Heathers friend kindly allowed us to see inside the studio which again was fabulous. It has the feel of a beach hut to it.

 And here are a few pieces of Heathers work she is such a talented woman.

I left one of my Moo cards so I hope Heather pops along to The Pea Pod and reads this post. 

Thank you for opening up and letting us come along, we all loved it so much and it made our day. Oh and sorry if this post is a little gushy but I we know what we like when we see it and we saw it today. 


  1. Lovely photos - can almost smell those roses! Makes me a bit ashamed of my garden seeing all that ;)

  2. We were saying exactly the same thing .

  3. What a lovely way to spend the day. Those gardens are so pretty and peaceful.

  4. What a fantastic array of garden pix. So inspirational. I will attack the weeds in mine later... Lizzie

  5. So beautiful!You have really taken some excellent photographs. Oh to have the time to do the same in my garden. Mind you she is clearly talented which helps! I had a great time viewing the garden second hand! Thanks

  6. ooohhh looks beautiful and what breath taking views from Heather's garden. looks like she has put her heart and soul into creating it. so pretty and colorful. Enjoy your week, dee x