Sunday, 17 July 2011

A family craft day

Yesterday was spent at mums house having a craft day working with papier mache. Mum, Isobel, Imogen (my two nieces) and myself all started the day with our projects in mind and set to with creative eagerness. 

Isobel wanted to make a secret box for stashing all her secret items and Imogen was keen to make a bowl whilst mum and myself just did whatever popped into our my case not much at all!

After lots of paper ripping, sticking and drying in the oven the masterpieces were ready to be painted. Isobel's secret box was designed to look like a cake with a cherry on top (this is to fool any burglars that may wish to pinch the secret items underneath...ha! brilliant) but as everyone pointed out it looked more like a large papier mache boob!!

We thought it would make a wonderful Royal Ascot hat...Isobel was not amused.

But as you can see, as soon as the multicoloured sprinkles were painted on, it was so obvious that it was a cake and not a boob.   : )

Imogen's bowl was also a triumph. She called it the Love Bowl. 

The girls also had a go at decorating a few blank papier mache magnets that I'd bought along. They're getting to be quite the little artists.

Both mum and my efforts didn't come to much and are still very much work in progress but the good news is I have the next two weeks off work so I'll have plenty of time to get covered in glue and paint...yippee!!


  1. The girls will have online shops too soon! What a lovely day - haven't done papier mache since the days of night-before-kids-birthday-party cobbling together pinatas. Had never thought of drying the stuff in the oven... Enjoy your break from work - lots of time to do loads of things! xx

  2. awwww what a wonderful day. Loving the girls work both the cupcake and bowl are lovely bless them ;-)) And those magnets to so cute you have to just love childrens drawings ;-)) dee x

  3. What a fun day of creativity. It looks like talent runs in the family.