Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A guest photographer at The Pea Pod & my new pac-a-mac

Today The Pea Pod welcomes it's first guest collaborator. Our photographer for today is my sister Deb who very kindly helped me to bring you...

pac-a-mac photographs! (staring the lesser spotted Lizzie)

I've been to the charity shops again and bagged myself this fabby vintage mac. Ideal for all those downpours we've been having lately, although saying that, since I bought it it's stopped raining - ta! typical. 

Deb reckons I need to be wearing shorts to the knee, long socks, hiking boots and a bobble hat making me look like an extra from Carry on Camping.

My new pac-a-mac is very noisy to put on and wear as it has the texture of an old tarpaulin. To have a conversation with someone whilst wearing it I have to make sure I'm totally still because I can't hear a word the other person is saying otherwise. 

This shot is me pretending to be on my fishing boat. Ahoy there!! 

And here's the bobble hat shot. Work it baby, work it...

We then ventured up into the garden where Deb got carried away with this photography malarkey and had me jumping out of bushes and stuff....guest photographers, who'd have em?

I'm now sitting inside with my mac on waiting for it to rain so I can dash out and try it out  : )

p.s a big hello to my new followers, you are all very welcome indeed  xx 


  1. I have hair envy - what a gorgeous colour. As for the modelling ... Super's eat your heart out! M x

  2. Aaarr, thank you very much. I'm proud to be a red head. I'm not too sure about the modelling though, I won't be giving up my day job :)

  3. I will say I love the picture of you with the rain coat .i will say I have to say the one thing about clothing like this is it never went out of fasion I will there is nothing more then going to the lake district .geting up in the morning and putting on my Peter storm cagoule and wareing my bobble hat with my day sack and go rambling in the lakes. It is something I enjoy when I am walking dressing up in 70s anoraks and head ware .