Sunday, 17 July 2011

I love local farm shops

I have a thing for hand written signs placed at the side of the road to try and draw people in to buy stuff. Some of them are quite artistic.

 Living in the countryside these signs are everywhere advertising such things as fruit, veg, eggs, manure and even puppies. A couple of  years ago I saw a sign for 'Kittons for sale' which made me laugh...their spelling was as bad as mine! (but cute all the same). 

One of the local farm shops near to my home has all sorts for sale, so yesterday I popped in to take a look. The shop runs on a honesty box principle where you collect your goodies, place the money in an envelope, write on the front of the envelope what you've had and then push it through the farm house letter box.  

Couldn't be simpler.

I bought myself a tray of eggs, some beetroot, some onions, some garden peas and some broad beans. That lot should keep me going for a while.

The brilliant thing about these farm shops is that the produce is so fresh and seasonal. I'd rather help a local shop than continually be throwing my money at the huge supermarkets, and the other advantage is that it's just a nicer way to shop. 

Seek them out, you'll love it. You never know you might come away with a kitton!!!!


  1. I love the old farm shops nothing beats them they always make me smile ;-)) dee x

  2. Hi Lizzie
    Gosh I'd like a farm shop like yours...Good prices too...Although we live semi-rural there's nothing like that near now I have farm shop envy lol...
    Love the sign...

  3. Hi Lizzie!

    What a wonderful way to shop for fresh produce. You can't beat the taste of a farm fresh brown egg.

    Have a great week! La

  4. I like the implication that the customers add the bill up themselves - no calculators, spreadsheets, etc - proper old school stuff! x

  5. We have a great guy 'just up the road' who sells produce outside his house. His eggs are the best I've ever tasted and cost just 90p for 6 large eggs. You can't beat that in any supermarket. M x

  6. Looks lovely, I especially like how all their chickens lay eggs of the same size and colour, my hens have a lot to learn!