Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My new studio for the week

Well after yesterday's post about putting things off, I gathered my painting stuff together and moved to another location...the kitchen. I popped on the radio, made a mug of tea and got to it, and I think it worked because I've nearly finished the first painting.

I'm planning on painting little still life paintings of quirky, interesting objects and objects from nature, say seed pods, feathers etc. 

So first up is a painting of the wooden Polish doll I bought at the boot sale on Sunday.

It's been lovely painting with the doors flung open and being able to watch the sparrows hopping around looking for a bite to eat, this is what work should be like and one day it will be full time...hopefully!

My painting isn't quite there yet, I still need to work on her hair, feet and scarf, oh and I've just noticed she needs rosy cheeks too, but I'm pleased with her so far.   

I'll show you the finished article when she's done. Hope you liked the sneak preview x

p.s hello to my new follower...I was getting sick of seeing 79 followers and was desperate to get it to a round bonkers is that!


  1. Your painting is fantastic. You could definitely do this full time. M x

  2. Thank you so much M, that's very sweet of you x

  3. What a fantastic place to paint, bound to give you lots of inspiration...

  4. Its fabulous - love how clearly you've got all her details. And fingers-crossed you can fast-forward to doing things like this full-time soon! x

  5. That painting is fantastic
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  6. O Wow that is amazing it so life like well the wood is on the paper. You are very talented and clever ;-)) So glad i got to see it before i go away. You must keep painting your amazing and what a lovely view to, dee xx

  7. Hi, lovely sewing machine arrived too, thank you - must have gone the long way to Bristol!