Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Open studios/gardens - Part 4

As well as the open studio event being held in the village of Drybrook last weekend there was also the annual open gardens event too. 

As I was a tied up with my little shop I didn't get a chance to view all of the lovely garden on offer but I was lucky enough to view this one. It's owned by Jer, Emma and Matilda Gazzard who have done a brilliant job of creating an interesting space with lots of quirky little features and clever planting.

My sister Deb very kindly manned the shop whilst I popped off down the road to be nosey. To get to the garden I had to go through their cottage which was also stunning.  

This is Matilda's little garden retreat. It's tiny but very stylish. 

The garden is situated on a hill so to make best use of the space it's been terraced with paths going off in different directions leading you to flower beds and vegetable patches.

At the top of the garden they have a beautiful, large summer house where guests were offered a sneaky Pimms, ooh la la!

I wish I could have stayed longer and taken more photographs for you to see but my camera was full and it didn't want to cooperate - so, sorry about that.

Thank you so much Jer, Emma and the very lovely Matilda for letting us view your home it's truly inspiring and it was wonderful to meet you all - hopefully our paths will cross again x


  1. Gosh, it makes me want to have a garden retreat like that. Wonderful to have somewhere you can indulge your design ideas without anyone else interferring! Bliss

  2. As usual I've fallen victim to summerhouse envy. Pity there's no room in our garden, I'd love one!

  3. I could be very content living in their garden. Thank you for sharing. La

  4. wow what a beautiful summer house and a lovely space to chill. Makes me want one to ;-)) Lovely photo's. Have a lovely week, dee x

  5. Thanks for the comments. I would love a summer house too...wouldn't it be wonderful.