Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Felt face lavender bags for the shop

Hello pea podders, I'm up and running again after spending a 5 hour session yesterday working on my computer to remove everything that was clogging it up. I've put approx 1,500 photos onto discs and completed a few system clean ups which I think has done the job!

That's not the only thing I've been working on though. I've been working on some paper mache bird orders and creating these felt face lavender bags for the shop, Drop The Weasel. 

Each little lady is very much a free spirit with bright hair and a flower tucked behind her ear.

This was the scene in my work room at 2:00am a couple of days ago, a mini production line.

Each lavender bag is hand cut and every single stitch is hand sewn making each one individual with her own character.

As soon as the eyes are added they seem to come alive.

I've had some fabric Drop The Weasel name tags made, it's just a little finishing touch.

I've also found a good use for one of the old tins I showed you a couple of posts ago. It's now my traveling sewing kit. It's incredible how much stuff I can get in this tin and it's just the right size to pop in my bag, perfect, now there's no excuse for not getting things done.

These are the colours available.

To enable them to be hung in a wardrobe, on the back of a door or hung on a wall I've added a cool piece of  ric-rac (which always reminds me of being 6, when mum used to make me party dresses with ric-rac trims. Oh those were the days).

Each felt face is filled with wonderfully scented lavender which is very soothing to work with. I think it's totally chilled me out, which is just as well because my computer issues were starting to wind me right up!! 

These ladies will be in the shop as soon as I can take some decent product shots.

I'm off on a little camping trip to the Dorset coast tomorrow so I'll report back to you all shortly. 

Take care Lizzie x


  1. oh your lavender ladies are just divine, very cute. I think they will sell well x have a good holiday sounds like you deserve it after all the work you have put into your ladies. x x helen x x

  2. Dorset!!!!!! Jolly good, weather seems to be fine at the moment, just think what I could have saved on postage!!

    I now have a pink cottage. Just need to paint windows white and get a test post of the Heather bloom 3 as I think (hope you don't mind) that that will make it the perfect colour front door!! My son will go spare!! Brill!!

  3. Heather Bloom, yes!! Let's paint the whole world Heather Bloom. Your boy will grow to love it and before long he'll be looking out for Heather Bloom jumpers etc...you mark my words :)

  4. Hi Lizzie! Have a wonderful camping trip! I just love your whimsical works. These little lavender ladies are adorable.

  5. Crikey! Your fingers must ache after all that sewing, but they are lovely! Have a good holiday.

  6. Your lavender ladies are gorgeous ... you are so clever. Have a fab time in Dorset! M x

  7. Gosh you've been working hard! What lovely original lavender bags - I want one already!