Saturday, 27 August 2011

It's give away time again!

 Hello my lovely Pea Podders!

This last week or so I've been feeling a little down in the dumps, nothing serious, just a little hacked off with life in general. So I've been taking stock and having a rethink of things, and the result...I'm getting rid of my TV! 

The straw that broke the camels back was when I came home from work at 10:00pm and switched on the national news, all the reports were endless depressing stories of people being blown up, knifings of young people and how we're all skint and there's no way out...aaarrrrgghhh! Is there no good news anywhere in the world to report? It seems to me that all the trouble comes from the male of our species. If only they could all get together and form a massive knitting group or other creative activity I'm pretty sure this world would be a better place, perhaps I should suggest it to Mr Cameron.

Anyway back to the TV thing, so I came home switched on the news and went on a instant downer, I then switched to another channel where a program was showing 24 hours in A&E at a London we go again! People being rushed through the door with stab wounds and bullets in their faces...what the bloody hell's going on? The very next day I called the TV licence people to cancel mine and now the TV is in it's box ready to go on eBay along with my DVD player that's never seen any action. I would rather listen to the radio and not be bombarded with this crap day in and day out and be told I have to pay for it too!

Crikey this is turning into a bit of a rant isn't it? 

So to try and counter balance all the doom and gloom I'm going to do a Pea Pod give away and spread some love. The prize is one of my newly made lady lavender bags in yellow. She smells delightful and being filled with lavender she will calm you down should you also be wound up and agitated (perhaps I ought to go and have a sniff!)

So to win this little lovely all you have to do is firstly be a follower of The Pea Pod and leave a comment telling me your favorite way to unwind and relax, I also need to be able to contact you through your comment should it be your name that comes out. I'll get one of my work colleagues to pull a name out of the hat next Friday. 


So as one give away is preparing to leave The Pea Pod HQ another one has come in :) I'm the extremely lucky recipient of this beautifully made lip balm case which hooks onto your keys. I'm going to use it to store an emergency lippy.

I won it from the award winning Gina at Rosie Hearts blog. Gina has a Not on the High Street shop and recently won one of their makers awards, which I have to say I'm not surprised about, the stitching on this case is so neat and tidy it's lovely. Thanks Gina and I'll send everyone that comments about it to your shop xx 


  1. Mmmmmmmmm! Lavender - may I join in.....?
    Julie xxxxx

  2. A cup of coffee and some hand sewing!
    I'm a follower!

  3. Hooray, I am so glad that you are getting rid of your tele and to know that we are not the only ones fed up with the depressing news.
    We have not had a t.v. for years and do not miss it. We have the laptop and watch i-player and other programmes that you can watch the next day. It works, because you only watch selected programmes and turn off when they are finished.
    In fact we even don't have newspapers.
    Maybe we are ostriches burying our heads in the sand but we don't want to know bad depressing news.
    We both read, crochet, sew and knit, my husband does tapestry and with all that we find the evenings fly by and go to bed without the blues.
    One thing though, people will not believe you do not have one and the tv licensing people will not leave you alone, they keep pestering and threatening to send the man down to check that we are not lying. lol.

    Good luck and enjoy your weekend

  4. Getting rid of the telly!.... well done that Girl!!
    We ditched ours a couple of years ago now, and I dont miss it in the slightest.. the house seems calmer and quieter and more restive without the din going on in the corner. And I am so busy with creative things I dont think I could fit in an hours viewing...afterall anything in particular you want to watch you can see on iplayer.

    My tip for relaxation.. no TV!

    Vicky x

  5. aaawww sweetie im so sorry to hear you have been feeling down. To be honest thats why i dont watch the tv or watch the news its far to depressing. I have a tiny tv that sits in my frontroom and it's hardly ever gets used. I listen to radio 2 all the time and i love it. its so relaxing. i would love to be entered into your giveaway please. Have a lovely weekend, sending you a cheer up hug, dee xx

  6. im glad i wasnt the only one feeling that all this world has to give is just depressing stuff, fights, illness to those who really dont deserve it, not hubby but for those people i know who are suffering with cancer at the moment. I mean i really dont blame you at all. Must say though the papers are just as bad..
    Anyway enough of that and i hope you are a more calmer person again.. I shall pop over and see the lady you mentioned its funny asni know someone else who has put her things on that website. One last thing though, please do enter me in too x x take care and thanks again for your comments x x

  7. Hope your feeling a little less stressed out, I too find the news to always be a bit gloomy and depressing, sometime I wish they'd balance it out with a little cheer.
    Oooh yes please to this giveaway, my favourite way to relax is to first.. get the baby to sleep! Make a coffee, grab a book or my current crochet project on the go..!

    Ashley xxx

  8. Thank you, I'm blushing as I write this, you're very kind and also very funny. The thought of David Cameron forming a knitting group made me laugh out loud, but what a great idea! X

  9. Hi Lizzie.

    Chilling out in Cornwall at my sisters. Well, teenager wanted Mother out of the way for the weekend (don't ask!!) so have brought coursework down to Tracie's to do (but somehow don't seem to be in the 'motivated' mood, Have also thought that I would get shot of the TV but think I need to wait until Jasper leaves home too!! (three years and counting) although the limit of my TVness is Grand designs, Gardeners world and midsummer's murders. Loved the drive down to here as had a bliss full hour of Weekend Woman's hour. Best way I find to un-wind is walking with Lily. Right, ought to really make a start on this course work!! Old job has given me more hours so can leave the new job!!! Best thing is it will actually give me time to make things and listen to the radio too!!

    Happy Sunday xx

  10. Just realise that as I am using my sisters computer it came up as her blog, Cornwall Calling. It's me Colette, Poppy Cottage.

    I am now sat eating an ice cream and dunking rich tea biccys into my cuppa. So much for getting on with that course work!!


  11. When a wonderful idea.

    I barely watch the news, but hubby is addicted.

    Maybe it's that male thing again. Though I did make the exact very same comment to him last week when I walked in on him watching all the doom and gloom going on around us.

    I wonder if I could sneak the TV out the window?!

    Nina x

  12. I totally agree,you should suggest that knitting group! I barely watch tv lately,I tend to just watch my favourite dvd s like Lark rise to Candleford,a much gentler way of life, if only.
    My stress buster is crochet,its the best thing ever for me,oh and a cuuppa tea! take care,julie.xxxx

  13. Old news now I know, but our tv died about three years ago, we didn't replace it and we've never looked back - we buy a newspaper on a Sat. just in case anything has happened out there in the world and watch iplayer (but hardly ever at all, because we've found other things to do).

    How did we ever fit in watching TV???
    Also now relish the visits from licensing man, but actually we get a flurry of letters saying he's coming every now & then but he's never called yet when we are in!

  14. Melanie, I must admit I wouldn't mind a visit from the TV man, just for the sheer pleasure of telling him to buzz off!

    Already I've got more done than usual, which has to be a good thing.