Saturday, 13 August 2011

A whistle stop account of my Dorset adventure.

I've just returned home after spending a couple of days camping and relaxing in Dorset . On Wednesday I set off in my little old banger of a car to have a very much needed adventure.

Every now and then I crave being by the sea and I can't get it out of my system until I do it.

This is how the mini adventure panned out...

Lovely beaches with powerful winds that took my breath away and knotted my hair.

Rolling hills that made me stop the car and ponder.

Fantastic food.

The friendliest pub cat ever!

Anorak envy.

Boat stealing contemplation (I didn't, it was too far out).

Fossil hunting on the beach.

I found lots of sea worn glass to add to my collection which are destined to be used to create a garden mosaic at some point in the future. 

And just take a little look at the fossils I found. They were all over the place! 

I think this is a fossil of a sea slug but I'm not too sure, what do you think? Does it look like anything to you or am I just getting carried away? 

Evening beach strolls.

 And torch light parades. I've had a lovely relaxing time of it. Back to work tomorrow though...BOOO!!


  1. Oh wow the fossils and glass are breathtaking! Glad you had a splendid time, I love the look of the ploughmans x

  2. Mmm, the ploughmans was a goodie x

  3. Woe wierd!! I took one of the residents for a walk around West bay Harbour on Thursday afternoon and we decided that that very same boat needed some TLC and looking after as it looked all lonely. (We were also intime for some possesion with funky music celebrating our coastline.

    Glad you had a lovely time (you could have called in for a cuppa!!)

  4. Flippin heck! we could have just missed each other. Wouldn't it have been great to spot each other and have that is it or isn't it moment?

    Next time we'll meet up and I'll treat you to a cream tea xx

  5. That sounds like a lovely break, just the kind I would enjoy.
    The fossils are fabulous, it does look like it might be a slug, though I know nothing about fossils.
    The cat looks old ??
    The food looks yummy and the country scene was wonderful
    Lovely blog, thanks

  6. Lovely post.. :-)
    It makes me miss home and my aunty (Poppy Cottage) though!

    Ashley xx

  7. Aaarrh, I bet you do miss her she's a lovely lady. But that's the good thing about blogging isn't it, you're never too far away in a virtual sense. xx

  8. Hi Lizzie.

    I too love the seashore. It looks like you had a very successful day of hunting. Your seaglass is very pretty.

    Have a wonderful weekend. La

  9. Oh nice boat, nice food, nice beach, lovely parade! Sounds like you had a great time. We pop off to Lyme Regis for our beach fix and love Dorset.

  10. It's really lovely in Dorset isn't it, I love all the little cottages and they seem to have quite a few great pubs too!

  11. Hi,found your lovely blog through poppy cottage,Dorset looks wonderful,especially that ploughmans!julie.xxxx

  12. I love, love, love this post the photos are brill and the fossils great
    thanks for sharing.

  13. Just managed to catch up with your blog - I am so behind with my reading at the mo! We too spent several days at Lyme Regis and West Bay over the hols - we may have walked past each other and never knew it! Glad you had a good time and what a fantastic haul of fossils. We have several but have never managed to come home with that many. M xx