Thursday, 8 September 2011

Saturday night frivolity

Recently I've been working long hours to cover holidays at work, but last Saturday evening was a night of good food and silliness.

I have 3 sisters but we are rarely altogether these days for family fun and gossip, however my sister Kath came down to The Forest of Dean to pay us all a visit and so my nieces swung into party planner mode to organise a hippy themed evening with dinner and games.

This is Isobel (sorry about the quality of some of these photos!!)

And this is Imogen, these young ladies sorted out the menu and the entertainment and did a brilliant job. I supplied the venue and did the cooking and everyone supplied the funding and the booze.

This is the guest of honour, Kath, and my Dad Norman. 

And take a look at this bunch...what do they look like????!!! 

We sat down to a dinner of home made pizza's (Imogen made these) and stuffed mushrooms (Isobel's creation) followed by a chicken roast dinner and a choice of chocolate moose, triple chocolate surprise and apple pie. Despite our guest of honour finding something in her greens that shouldn't have been there I think the meal was a success. Well done girls!! 

Then came the entertainment. Charades based on 1960's song titles. This is John in full flow looking more like he's singing a 60's song than miming it!

and Colin looking like a tea pot.

Then we played the 2p game. What each player has to do is hold a 2p coin between their bum cheeks, shuffle across the room to an empty jam jar, release their grip on the coin and try and drop it into the jar...this game is hilarious, you have to give it a go!!!

This is my sister Jo who is a natural at this game, you might be able to just make out the 2p falling into the jar. 

Bendy Imogen also managed to do it...

But the rest of us were way off...and no one had to be taken to hospital to have a 2p surgically removed, if you know what I mean!!

We had a lovely evening of laughing, gossiping and catching up.

 As I'm getting older I appreciate these moments more and more. Happy times x


  1. aaawwww what a wonderful night and wonderful memories to teasure ;-)) Love the sound of the 2p game i bet that is a real laugh ;-)) Your table looked lovely and the girls are so pretty bless them. dee xx

  2. What a wonderful evening you had. Yes as we get older we realise just how special times like that are xx

  3. This looks like a wonderful evening. I'm glad you had the opportunity to rest and have some fun.

  4. who would of thought that you could have so much fun with a 2p x x loving the dress code too x

  5. just found your blog, i will become a follower but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment xx

  6. love the pictures! sounds like fun. but what was in salad that wasn't supposed to be there??