Thursday, 29 September 2011

We've been to London!

Last Saturday two of my sisters, my two nieces and myself hopped on a coach and took a trip to the big smoke. We had a great day of shopping, sight seeing and trying to spot celebrities.

We walked through Trafalgar Square where we stopped to take a look at Yinka Shonibare's Ship in a Bottle artwork that stands on top of the fourth plinth.

Also on display was this a bus from India which had been decorated with colourful hand beaten metal panels. It was beautiful.

Here's a few snippets...

We gave good old Nelson a wave as we marched on by to our next stop....

Liberty's...well you've got to haven't ya!!

Liberty's is housed in such a lovely building but looking over the edge of the balcony did make my stomach churn a little. 

I loved this tile covered chimney breast. 

Liberty's sell such wonderful items but sadly most of them were out of my price range.

 I think the shop assistants must have thought that too because they were watching us all like hawks just in case we were going to stuff some Christmas baubles up our jumpers and try and make our get away...cheek!

And so we moved onward to Harrods where we mooched around the pet department.

Here we found a young dog groomer who was busy making someones darling little pooch beautiful whilst being locked in a grooming parlour with huge glass windows, all onlookers were gathered around straining to take a look - quite bizarre really.

We swiftly made our exit and went in search of the food hall....mmmmm!

Beautifully wrapped chocolates!  

This is the coffee bar where you can sip freshly ground coffee all day, how posh. None of your out of the jar muck here, don't you know!  

If you've ever wondered where you can buy marzipan fruits these days, then Harrods is for you. These looked too good to eat.

Although saying that, if someone had offered Deb and I one we would most definitely have turned it down due to the fact that as young girls a neighbour of ours gave us marzipan fruits that were well past there use by date, they were absolutely disgusting.

Of course, as polite children we felt it our duty to try and swallow the things but as a result of that traumatic event we could barely look at these without wanting to throw up.

We all had a lovely day in London but I think that if anyone had been watching us it would have been oh so obvious that we don't leave the country side much, we were acting like a group of bumpkins!


  1. Glad you had a lovely time. I think that is why Jose isn't inviting me up, bit of a bumpkin me (and proud of it!!)

  2. It looks like a fun outing.

    I've never tried marzipan, but my grandfather loved it.

  3. ;-)) Great photo's so glad you had a lovely trip. I have to say Liberty's looks amazing what a beautiful inside. And those Marzipan fruits WOW i have never seen any like those before the detail on them is amazing. Have a great weekend, dee xx

  4. What a colourful escapade! The bus decor is gorgeous. You were very brave to go so near the marzipan ;) x

  5. your photos make me want to come visit London ASAP!!!

  6. Oh Harrods is quite the eye candy! I did go there many years ago and your pictures brought my memory back :-} Lorraine

  7. Today I was having 'I miss London' moment, found your post and it made me smile!
    Dawn x

  8. Glad to have been of help Dawn M XX