Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A special post for Ruth!!

Dear Pea Pod readers, please don't think that I've gone mad by posting the same post twice.

This is a special post to Ruth who is organizing my exhibition in Bristol. A glitch with my email account means that vital info isn't getting through so I'm communicating via blogger!! (it's a long story).

So here goes...calling Ruth...calling Ruth....are you receiving me???

Artists Statement - Lizzie Powell


I like to paint subjects from my imagination and small still life paintings. I mostly use acrylic paint on paper but I have also painted on canvas and board. I would say that my style of painting has an illustrative quality with a slightly whimsical feel. I am very drawn to blocks of colour.

 I seem to have a fascination with female faces as this subject keeps cropping up time and time again. I also like to work with felt, paper mache and pen and ink. I tend to create small batches of work in limited additions.  

I enjoy it when viewers of my work recognise someone or something that triggers a memory. On occasions viewers have commented that one or two of my painted ladies have looked similar to their sister, cousin or mother, giving the viewer an even deeper connection with my work.  

I’ve always been creative and I love to try new techniques and materials to work with. My creativity is a huge part of who I am, if for any reason I’m unable to make or paint I feel restless. I think it’s safe to say that I find the creative process very therapeutic.

I live in the Forest of Dean where I have a studio in a spare room of my home. I work full time as a microbiology lab technician, a job that can be stressful at times, so to be able to retreat to my little studio is truly a luxury.

Huge apologies to anyone who may be waiting for a reply to an email from me, it would seem that I can read your mails but mine may not be getting through to you. I will investigate further.

I'll also be back to blogging soon...missing you all loads but I'm still enjoying all f your blogs xxx


  1. ooohhh good luck with it all it sounds so exciting, dee xx

  2. Dee, it's getting closer now. I am so looking forward to seeing the paintings up. I'm not too sure that anyone will want to buy them though but then that's not the reason for doing it, it's all about brightening up the hospital and trying to brighten everyone's day. :)

  3. Anyone who sees your paintings can't fail to have their day brightened xx

    They are lovely xx

  4. Aaarr! thanks for that, that's really kind x