Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful women out there who work so hard to keep us kids on the straight and can't be easy!!

This is a photo of my parents wedding day. Together they have raised 4 girls who, thanks to them, are strong and  independent.

 My mum has suffered ill health at times but she never wallows in self pity, she just gets on with it. Which I admire her for so much.

She's a talented crafts woman. I owe my love of art and making to her - thanks Mum!

Being the youngest of 4 kids I was the last to start school and some of my earliest memories are of spending time alone with Mum baking cakes.

 On one occasion we cracked the eggs we needed for baking into a bowl and every one had a double yolk, we were so excited to see if the next egg and the next egg had a double yolk that we cracked the whole box open and sure enough every egg in that box was a double one! It's funny what you remember isn't it.

On another note, yesterday I popped along to our local country auction. Just take a look at what I came away with...

 A stuffed Moorhen!

I know stuffed animals aren't for everyone but I really like some of them.
I've been looking out for the odd piece of taxidermy for a while but every one I've attempted to buy has gone for a huge price tag and therefore been out of my budget. But this little chap was affordable and I managed to bag him.

I've named him Morris.

But that's not all....yes ladies and gents I found myself on a taxidermy roll and also came away with this beauty too! 

He's missing a tooth but that doesn't matter.

The cats love him too!

Have a wonderful day whatever you're doing xxx


  1. Ha Ha!! Bit speechless Lizzie.

    just imagining coming down in the middle of the night to be greeted by the Bear with the Missing tooth!! Got to be a story in that!!

    Glad you had a successful day buying!

  2. Hello! And happy mothers day to you Poppy Cottage!

    It does look like a bear but in fact it's a fox so a little easier to manage that a bears head.

    Now you've planted the seed I'll be searching for a bear or better still a moose!!!.....

  3. That's a lovely photo of your parents... laughing at the egg-cracking; the whole box?

    And how exactly do the cats love Mr Fox? Is it that they are not freaked out by him, or do you think they are *interested in him* - watch out that they don't attempt to climb up to get a bit closer to him.... Wonder what the smell of a taxidermied animal does to a live animal??? xx

    1. I don't think the cats fancy him, after all he's an old geezer with dodgy teeth! We had a moment of arched cat backs and hair standing on end but they soon made peace with the old boy and now just sit there gazing at him...perhaps it is love!

  4. i love old photos, your parents look amazing, wow and how lucky were you and your mum getting a whole box full of double yorks, the only time i saw a double york was when i had my own hens x

    1. Thanks for the comment about Mum & Dad that's really sweet. They've got some brilliant photos of them on honeymoon. They hired a mini and popped off to Tenby. I think my Dad was crippled by the time they got there because he's over 6 foot tall...not the best choice of car!

  5. ...oh my that fox he looks evil i think it his eyes . at least it would get my children to sleep tho lol rach

  6. Hi there, Just been browsing through your blog (after following a link from Pinterest to a photo I still haven't found!). Loving all your finds and crafty makes. Especially loving the taxidermy, as it's something that really appeals to me, but as you say, is not to everyone's taste. Keep up the great blogging!