Thursday, 17 May 2012

Black and white photos with a twist...I've been at it again!

I've had a days holiday from work today which I was going to use to go to some event that I found on the Internet but I couldn't remember what it was or where it was! (I should write things down).

 So I decided to keep my holiday booked and have a day working on Drop the Weasel.

I've been busy painting two more of my 'twisted' black and white photos. These and some of the others I created here are going to be printed into postcards and blank greetings cards to sell in the shop.

What da ya think? 

I've been working on the shop quite a lot lately and I've now opened my own Etsy shop too (it seems to be the done thing these days). I haven't had any sales yet but it's early days so fingers crossed. I've also started a Facebook page which some of you have already sussed out...thanks for the 'likes' guys, it's very much appreciated.

EDIT: I've just had my first Etsy sale from the USA - WHOOP! WHOOP!

So feel free to search for Drop the Weasel over at Etsy and have a stroll through the virtual shop aisles.
I've added my exhibition prints and my little wooden brooches too.

I hope you've all had a sunny Thursday...soon be the weekend!! xx


  1. I love these 'twisted photos'. Timer very well spent on your 'day off'. Off to check out your shop now. Have a great weekend. M x

  2. Thanks M, these are good fun to do. I'm hoping that they'll work as cards x

  3. aahh those are fabulous ;-)) What a great idea. Congratulations on the sale to ;-)) dee xx

    1. Thanks Dee, hope you're feeling OK and not in too much pain. I'll send you pain free vibes xxx

    2. The pictures are just fab! Enjoyed my stay looking through your blog...Maria x

    3. Thanks Maria and thank you for following The Pea Pod. You are very welcome xx

  4. I LOVE these really cool idea x